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  • Trivia

    • He promotes the Stop Hating Campaign.

    • He is married to Mariah Carey. They were wedded on one of Mariah's home in the Bahamas on April 30th, 2008. The two have a 11 year age difference.

    • He has a Rolls Royce car.

    • The writer that he admires the most is Maya Angelou.

    • If he could meet anyone in history, he says it would be Dr. Martin Luther King.

    • He has a clothing line called PNB Nation.

    • His favorite subject in school was math.

    • He attended Avocado Elementary School in Spring Valley California and Quail Hollow Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    • His debut album Nick Cannon, sold 200,000 copies.

    • Nick has brown eyes.

    • He went on tour with B2K in the summer of 2003.

    • He made a cameo appearance in 50 Cent's video Disco Inferno.

    • On May 7, 2007, Cannon proposed to Victoria's Secret model, Selita Ebanks via the Times Square jumbotron and she accepted. On October 4, 2007, People Magazine announced that the couple called off their engagement.

    • Cannon briefly dated Kim Kardashian in 2006.

    • He has a T-Mobile Sidekick cell phone.

    • Nick is 5'9" or 1.75 m.

    • He owned the lowrider that appeared in The Underclassman movie.

    • Nick appears in the Aaliyah tribute video Miss You.

    • Nick made a cameo appearance as an autopsy agent in Will Smith's hit movie Men in Black II.

    • Nick signed a deal with Motown Records in 2005, to launch his own imprint, 'Can I Ball Records'. The hit single 'Dime Piece' set the stage for his 2006 full length for the label-stages.

    • Nick first broke out onto the music scene in 2001, with a remake of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith's 1988 hit single 'Parents Just Don't Understand'. The track appears on the soundtrack for the Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius along with Lil' Romeo and 3LW.

    • Nick signed on with Jive Records after he had established himself on television and Hollywood.

    • Nick released his self-titled debut album Nick Cannon, on December 9, 2003. It charted at #83 on the United States Billboard 200, and # 15 on the United States R&B charts.

    • Nick is a born-again Christian.

    • Nick voiced Louis the Mouse in The Garfield Movie,and Officer Lister in Monster House.

    • Nick landed his first leading roll in the feature film Drumline, he plays a talented drummer from Harlem who earned a full scholarship to an Atlanta College.

    • Nick's performances on Nickelodeon's Snick House and as host of the music-based teen Nick programming block that pushed him into the 'leading man' status.

    • Nick moved on to be the host of Nickelodeon's All That & More Music and More live show, a 47 city tour, which featured acts such as: Bewitched, Blaque, A-Teens, LFO, Monica, and 98 Degrees.

    • Nick was put in front of the camera on All That, as soon as the producers recognized his talent would benefit them more on the show, rather than out in the audience. The producers were right, and Nick was an overnight success.

    • Nick joined up with The Groundlings, the famous comedy sketch troupe, that has worked with almost all of the crew at Saturday Night Live, including: Phil Hartman, Will Farrell, Cheri Oteri, and Chris Rock.

    • Nick had shared the stage with comedians: Chris Tucker, Damon Wayons, and Chris Rock by the time he was seventeen years old.

    • Nick headed to Hollywood at age 16, and landed gigs at the world-famous comedy clubs: The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Laugh Factory.

    • Nick stopped his work with Da Bomb Squad, after the offers for television and stage work started to trickle in, he decided to pursue his other options, and put the singing on hold.

    • Nick founded the San Diego based rap group Da Bomb Squad, with his best friend Steve Groves, they were a hot duo. They caught on quickly, playing at 'Billboard Live' and opening for Will Smith, LFO, 98 Degrees, and Montell Jordan.

    • Nick began performing at the age of eight, when his grandfather left him several instruments as a gift. He began to play, teaching himself, by trial and error, he recorded a song on his boom box.

    • Nick was born in San Diego to James Cannon and Beth Hackett. He attended Quail Hollow middle school in North Carolina, and was a great student. He went on to Monte Vista high school in Spring Valley, and was considered a popular class clown.

    • He and then girlfriend Christina Milian broke up because it is said that he was talking to women on his 2 way phone and one day she found the messages.

    • Nick's favorite movie is Million Dollar Baby.

    • Nick helped in the writing and production of The Underclassman. It was made in 2003 and released in 2005 by Disney.

    • He collects dolls.

    • Did a photo shoot for April's 2005 issue of GQ magazine.

    • The song Can I Live is about his mother. She had planned to get an abortion when she was pregnant with him.

    • Award Nominations:
      2004 Teen Choice Awards for Movie Liar, Movie Chemistry and Liplock
      2003 MTV Awards for Best Kiss & Breakout Male Performance for Drumline
      2003 Black Reel Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance-Viewer Choice-Drumline
      2002 Kids Awards (BlLimp Award) for Favorite TV Actor

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Just get all of your ideas down. To me, writing is therapy and a way to clear your mind and step into a different world.

    • Nick: I'm just a regular guy who enjoys having fun and doing things in a positive way.

    • Nick Cannon: I love math! Math is always cool—because it makes sense.

    • Nick Cannon: Don't wait for someone else to make things happen for you. Make it happen for yourself.

    • Nick Cannon: I started out as a stand-up comedian, where you have to be your own businessman. You have to go out there and promote yourself, write your own material, and book yourself at venues, so that gave me an independent mindset. And I've tried to take control of every project that I've done since then.

    • Nick Cannon: My vocation is my vacation. I love what I do.

    • Nick Cannon: Men have one emotion-it's our ego. If you can cater to our ego, we are with you. We do everything to make ourselves feel more like men.

    • Nick Cannon: (speaking to BET on his new album entitled, "Stages.") I'm trying to figure it out because I got a joint that Kanye West (produced) called "My Wife," that I love. And then I also got a joint that I did with (producer) Scott Storch. So we're trying to figure out within the next couple of weeks which one we gonna go with.

    • Nick: When I was little, I fell in the toilet and somebody had to come get me out. I was really embarrassed because I was naked with my legs kind of touching my chest.

    • Nick Cannon: I was more like a cute little kid. I started a 'gentlemen's club' where guys would wear ties to school once a week. I was the smallest guy at school and guys were like, 'He's so cute, walking around like a little man with his tie on'.

      - Nick claims he wasn't a ladies man at school.