Nick Clooney

Nick Clooney


1/13/1934, Maysville, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Nicholas Clooney


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Nick Clooney married Nina Warren in 1959, they had 2 children, one of them actor George Clooney. He is the brother of singers/actresses Rosemary Clooney and Betty Clooney. Nick started in the show biz portaying a small role, "Man In Parking Lot" in the 1958 comedy film Themore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Nick Clooney is a wonderful, down to earth, responsible man. Salt of the earth with traditional midwest values.

    This is based on my impression "working" briefly (20 hours) with Nick Clooney during an Easter Seals Telethon. Nick was the host. Back in late 1970's. Filmed at University of Cincinnati.

    I was supervising the telephone volunteer bank. (Volunteers man the bank of phones and people call in with donations). Sometimes local celebrities man the phones too. I was supposed to only work 4 hours, but was having a good time, so I stayed all 20, as did the shows CBS local host, Nick Clooney.

    Nick was about age 40 (which was very adult to me since I was just a teen). Very responsible. At the time, I believe he was a good Christian. Unpretentious. Friendly. Walked over, said hello.

    I can remember wearing black pants (uniform dress -probably with white blouse). I was sitting, eating white powdered donuts. He bent down and brushed the white powdered sugar off the pants.

    We did not have any long conversations -we were both working. (Ok, so I was eating donuts-that's was Supervisor's do, Nick was working!).

    Nick Clooney definately made a lifelong excellent impression of basic decent person.

    Been thinking about the Clooneys. After a cruise in the greek Isles, on July 22, 2006, we are renting Casa Mataross overlooking Lake Como. In nearby Laglio, George Clooney bought lakefront Villa Oleandra. Oceans 12 was filmed near there. They say George and friends can be seen around Lake Como from time to time.

    From what I read George is a lot of fun and has a great sense of humor. Got to like that. Handsome too.