Nick Dinsmore

Nick Dinsmore


12/17/1975, Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

Birth Name

Nicholas David Dinsmore



Also Known As

Eugene Dinsmore, Mr. Wrestling, Dos, Eugene, Doink the Clown #6
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Trivia and Quotes

  • The worst gimmick in WWE today

    This gimmick that Nick has is arguably the worst gimmick WWE has ever seen. I don't understand why WWE makes him stay with this gimmick, let him become something other than a mentally challenged human being. I believe he can bring more to the table than WWE lets him, poor guy not.
  • Get rid of this useless nobody right now please

    To make this short and sweet: Nick Dinsmore sucks. Yes. He sucks. He may be one of the talented guys to come from OVW, but then to come to the WWE as a retard? And mimic wrestlers that I grew up watching? Now that is just wrong.

    The first few times he was on Raw, it was okay. But then his popularity (or lack of it) went downhill FAST and they still insist on putting his idiot on the air to displease us.

    Besides, the only good moments with Eugene are as followed:

    > Sandman beating him up with kendo sticks.

    > The ECW fans booing him out of the building.

    > People chanting "Eugene sucks."

    > Him not being on the air.

    I hope they get rid of him soon cause at the current rate he is going, Eugene would be known as the WORST gimmick ever. That turkey guy from 1990 may have been bad, but trust me, Eugene surpasses him by far.moreless