Nick Frost

Nick Frost


3/28/1972, Essex, England

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Born in Essex in 1972, the young Nick Frost didn't even dream of being an actor, but instead wanted to travel the world and work as a waiter. It wasn't until he met an up-and-coming comedian called Simon Pegg that he discovered his gift for comedy and a…more


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    • Nick: Most telly is for kids now anyway. It's partly responsible for the collapse of English society. People watch X-Factor and think they can be famous for just being on telly.

    • Nick: (on television) I still like it. It's always on. I come from a working class background and the telly was always on. If it was off then there was a problem. You were either going to get told off or someone had died.

    • Nick: Yeah I had been a waiter for like ten years. You know, I really didn't want to do anything apart from play X-box and smoke spliffs.

    • Nick: (on the trials of playing weapons-expert Mike in Spaced) I took a gun home to practice stripping it. A woman saw the barrel sticking out of my bag and called the police. I had gone home and it was a very hot day so I opened the back door of my house and was sitting in a pair of skimpy shorts with a blindfold on, taking the gun to pieces. When I put it back and lifted the blindfold up, there were six or eight armed policemen holding firearms at me and they came in and started screaming – it was very tense.

    • Nick Frost: (on his brief experience as a stand-up comedian) I did ten gigs at the very beginning. Five were amazing, and five were the worst moments of my life.

    • Nick Frost: (On his character in Spaced) Mike is based on a couple of people I know, one is a friend called Flea who is mad on weapons and stuff and Russia and another is Jon an ex-security guard who also likes guns a bit too much. But for their military love they are both lovely blokes.

  • waiting for his chance

    Nick frost has appeared in several great films including my two favorites; Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead. But he has also starred in many popular televison shows like Spaced, Hyperdrive, and Man Stroke Woman. He has always done well in with the characters he has portrayed, but he always seems to land the role of sidekick to simon pegg in any movie or tv show with both of them in it. Like in Spaced he is the military obsessed friend, or in Hot Fuzz he is the funny, action movie obsessed cop beside Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg). I think if he was given the chance to be the lead role in a movie than he would do great. So I hope he gets the lead role in his next project with Simon Pegg.moreless
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    I noticed the five movies he has been a part of. I have only seen the two with Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz). I thought he was a sole sidekick with the man. I notice him a very British man compared to Pegg. With his success, he gets his wish to travel the world and talk to people about his movies.