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    • Nick: Most telly is for kids now anyway. It's partly responsible for the collapse of English society. People watch X-Factor and think they can be famous for just being on telly.

    • Nick: (on television) I still like it. It's always on. I come from a working class background and the telly was always on. If it was off then there was a problem. You were either going to get told off or someone had died.

    • Nick: Yeah I had been a waiter for like ten years. You know, I really didn't want to do anything apart from play X-box and smoke spliffs.

    • Nick: (on the trials of playing weapons-expert Mike in Spaced) I took a gun home to practice stripping it. A woman saw the barrel sticking out of my bag and called the police. I had gone home and it was a very hot day so I opened the back door of my house and was sitting in a pair of skimpy shorts with a blindfold on, taking the gun to pieces. When I put it back and lifted the blindfold up, there were six or eight armed policemen holding firearms at me and they came in and started screaming – it was very tense.

    • Nick Frost: (on his brief experience as a stand-up comedian) I did ten gigs at the very beginning. Five were amazing, and five were the worst moments of my life.

    • Nick Frost: (On his character in Spaced) Mike is based on a couple of people I know, one is a friend called Flea who is mad on weapons and stuff and Russia and another is Jon an ex-security guard who also likes guns a bit too much. But for their military love they are both lovely blokes.