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  • I can't stand this guy.

    This guy has to be one of my least favorite celeberities of all time. He has an ego and thinks he's good at driving while in reality, hes one of the worst drivers of all time. I'm fairly sure that if it wasn't for Hulk Hogan, Nick would be nothing because even with the popularity Hulk Hogan, he still is nothing. I'm not a Hulkmaniac, but Hulk Hogan is a seems to be a decent person. But his son is rotten and has very few redeeming factors. He crossed the line for me when he injured a passenger for life, and was scentenced to eight months in jail. Then he acts like a baby and whines to his mom about how rough he has it. Be a man and accept responsibilty for what you did. You deserve every second of your jail time. This wasn't his first time in a car accident either.