Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas


Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Nicholas Jerry Jonas



Also Known As

Nick Jerry Jonas, Nick J., Nicholas Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Nicholas Jerry Jonas
  • The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney take ...
  • The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney take ...
  • Radio Disney's Ernie D at the 11th Annua...
  • Radio Disney's Ernie D at the 11th Annua...
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Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born on September 16, 1992, in Dallas, Texas. He has been singing ever since he was little and has starred in several Broadway musicals -- some of them include Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, Annie Get Your Gun, and A Christmas Carol. His…more


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  • Just a normal guy who got lucky and became famous. Now is one of the guys in the successful band the JONAS.

    Even with his diabietes, this boy has shown that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. He's followed his passion, and did what he loves the most, music. He has a lovely voice, and I smile whenever I hear it. When he sings a happy song, I can feel his happiness. And when the song is sad, I can feel the pain he felt in that song.

    It's his every day experience that brings the JONAS their amazing songs. He has talent that some star may never know. Especially at the early age that he started off with such talent.

    I can see him becoming Solo in his distant future, yet still staying in close contact with his brothers. For him, he is great alone or with his brothers.

    And the band- the thing is to him, it's not just a band - it's his family.

    He never seems to let the fame get to his head. And thats a good thing because no one likes an airhead rock star.

    I hope that Nick Jonas keeps up the great work because I know if he does, he will be a living legend. You never know what can happen...and hey, it could happen. :)moreless