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Nick Kemplen

Nick Kemplen


New Zealand

Birth Name

Nick Kemplen



Also Known As

Nick Kemplin, Nick Kemplan
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Nick is a New Zealand actor best known for his recurring role of Graeme on Outrageous Fortune and Noel on Orange Roughies.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Nick decided to make acting his career after performing in several high school productions.

    • Several websites, including that of TVNZ 6, mistakenly list Nick as having played "Young Hercules". Nick did appear in the Young Hercules telemovie that served as the pilot of the series, but he played a much more minor role, that of "Attica", one of Hercules' fellow cadets. The role of "Young Hercules" was actually played by Ian Bohen in the telefeature, and by Ryan Gosling in the TV series.

    • Nick feels that as an actor, comedy is his strongest suit. But he really enjoys the occasional opportunity to play a more serious role, such as he did with the Doves of War series.

    • Nick is 6'3" (191 cm), with brown hair and blue eyes.

    • There was a bit of a controversy when Nick became the spokesman for Speights' beer. Speights wanted to promote the beer as being the drink that represented Southern New Zealand, but Nick is a northerner from Auckland, and some people felt it was wrong not to have someone actually from the south as the face of their ad campaign.

    • Nick is a trained voice actor, and can act using many different accents, including Australian, British Cockney, British Cornish, British Manchester, British Newcastle, Eastern Block, French, German, Indian, Irish, South African, US East Coast, and US LA.

    • Nick's acting training includes a 2003 Master Class Workshop taught by Terri De'Ath & Theresa Healey in Auckland, NZ, and a 1994 Introduction to Screen Acting Workshop under Andrew Bancroft at the Performing Arts School, of Auckland.

    • Nick is quite athletic, earning a gold medal in cycling, as well as participating in rugby, cricket, skiing, and water sports. He also has earned a PADI Scuba Diving Certificate.

    • Nick has performed in a number of TV commercials all over the world, including those for Uncle Bens (UK), Damelien Chrysler (North America), Allianz Insurance (Germany), Coors Light Beer (Canada), as well as those for his native New Zealand such as NZ Beef & Lamb and AMI Insurance. He has also done a number of radio and TV voiceovers, including those for Coca Cola (radio), NZ's National Hat Day (radio) and Cepacol (TV).

    • Nick has performed in the Loop Group for numerous TV shows and movies, including Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta, Street Legal (NZ), Hard Out, Skin & Bone, and Young Hercules. The members of the Loop Group provide background voices and noise for the soundtrack.

    • Nick's theatre credits include:
      (2005) Puss in Boots "Ogre/King/Boot Maker", Phineas Phrog Productions, Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland, Dir. Sarah Somerville
      (2002) The Farm "Russian Tourist", Stables Theatre, Auckland, Dir. Sian Davis
      (2002) The Cherry Orchard "Trofimov", Rose Theatre, Auckland, Dir. Sian Davis

    • In the break between shooting the first and second series of Orange Roughies, Nick worked to develop a new comdey show for TV2 of New Zealand.

    • In 2006, Nick was nominated for the "Rising Star Award" for Orange Roughies in the TV Guide Best on the Box People's Choice Awards.

    • Nick is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: (on being in the war miniseries "Doves of War") Danny was the most intense role I've ever taken on. As much as I love acting, turning up on a shoot day and going to such a dark, traumatic place is not pleasant. There are some heavy emotions to portray so a lot of preparation went into it for me. I worked with a friend who's an actor on the script, which really helped. Otherwise I may not have been able to go to that place on the day.

    • Nick: Shooting Orange Roughies has been a lot of fun and I've got to do some stunt fighting and driving.

    • Nick: (on playing Noel on "Orange Roughies") I enjoy comedic roles, so this is a step in that direction for me. It's nice not to have to take home my character's emotional baggage. Noel is a bit of a nerd, he's a change from some of the cooler characters I've played, but I think there's a bit of Noel in everyone.

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