Nick Lachey





11/9/1973 , Harlan, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Nicholas Scott Lachey




Nick was on summer break from studying Sports Medicine at Miami University in Ohio when he got an invitation from a high school friend to join an up-and-coming vocal group in Los Angeles. Nick had always been torn between his loves of sports and music, but it appeared that music would win out this time. Shortly after joining Jeff in California, Nick realized that his friend, Justin, and his brother, Drew, would fit perfectly in the group. A few phone calls, several plane flights, and thousands of driving miles later, the foursome was complete.

In 1999, Nick met pop singing sensation Jessica Simpson. They dated for almost two years and then broke up in 2001. After September 11, 2001. Jessica knew she never wanted to be away from Nick again,and they got back together. On an early morning, February 10, 2002 on a yacht off the coast of Hawaii, Nick proposed to Jessica and she said yes. They married on October 26, 2002 in a private ceremony in Dallas, with close to 300 guests. The couple divorced a few years later.