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  • Nick Lachey is the best!!!

    I could go on and on about how much I love Nick Lachey but I wouldn't want to bore you by saying the same line over and over again!!! I love Nick, I love Nick, I love Nick, get the point. Nick Lachey is perfect he is handsome, funny,a great singer, and a great husband. Why does Jessica Simpson get it all.
  • You gotta feel sorry for him a little bit.

    Nick Lachey seems like a nice enough guy. Okay singer. Above average intelligence. Good looking according to most women I know. He's also the poster boy for thinking with one's sex organ and marrying for the wrong reason. Now, according to the tabloids and from what I can infer underneath the surface of his show, he's miserable in his marriage.

    Hey, Nick, if you'd thought with your brain you would realize that Jessica wasn't worth it. She's stupid, shallow, lazy, spoiled, and mean. Just being hot doesn't make up for all those deficiencies. But poor ole Nick had the hots for Jessica and the only way he could hit it was to marry her. NEWS FLASH! Never marry a chick simply because she's hot. Now I have no doubt that Nick was aware of Jessica's flaws but his sex organ overrode his brain and he married her anyway. Now he's miserable at least if we believe the tabloids.

    Here's some advice for you, Nick. You should have married the geeky chick who wore glasses and braces. You remember her. She's the nice girl you copied off of in Geometry class who had a secret crush on you. The geeky chick still had plenty of time to blossom into a swan. Jessica Simpson will always be what she is--a stupid bimbo.
  • All american

    Nick Lachey is one of the most well rounded muscians, athleths and actors that's in the business. He cleary is a well gifted man and I wish him all the best with his financee J.S I hope to see more of Nick in the upcomming future as I hear he is being considered for the New James Bond Movie.
  • nick is really sweet i love him he could have been bigger he deserves it nick lives in cali and jessica simpson is his lovley life.nick has a dog called daisy but daisy is more jessicas than his he loves to make her happy and hope he is happy

    jessica simpson his wife made him more famouss but i think he deserves more fame he is sweet and really good at his job
    nick is in newlyweds about his marraige and its really good.
    nick was i na band and i loved it but then they split awwwww why oh why i ask but i gues it was 4 the best lol nick was the best in the band
    best of luck nick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JERK!!!!

    How does a person cheat on Jessica Simpson? He is a jealous spoiled brat who envied his wife's career because she is more popular and loved by the world than he is. He is a one hit wonder who will never make it in the real world and the only reason people still know his name is because he had newlyweds, but, if it had been just him and some other girl, it would not have been popular. I wasted 7 hours of my life watching him on charmed and even more on newlyweds. Please Nick, don't sing, and for the love of god, DON"T ACT!!!
  • I think hes just so cute!!

    i love this guy he is so gorgeous and fit i thought he was so good when he was on charmed as lesley he was really good i loved watching newleyweds aswell because hes just so fit!!!! love him i think hes a great and has a gorgeous personality and a gorgeous face hesthe best!!
  • Extremly fit!!!

    Nick was origanally in a boyband, but went into acting afterwards. He married singer jessics simpson, they both had areality show called newly weds on MTV. Nick has also starred in charmeds 7th season working opposite alyssa milano.
    He has to be one of the most gogeous and fit men ever!!
  • Ever since I was little, maybe 7 or 8, when 98 degrees was in its hay-day, I used to love Nick. I was a big Britney Spears fan, also, and never liked Jessica. I was completelyin love with Nick, and couldn't understand why he would marry Jessica. I was com

    Ever since I was little, maybe 7 or 8, when 98 degrees was in its hay-day, I used to love Nick. I was a big Britney Spears fan, also, and never liked Jessica. I was completely in love with Nick, and couldn't understand why he would marry Jessica. I was completely baffled at the thought of the "most handsome" guy around would want to marry JESSICA SIMPSON! The person whom I had thought had copied Britney! A totally unoriginal chick, marrying NICK Friggin' LACHEY! But when I got older and Britney and Jessica soon (and inevitably) fizzled out, the show Newlyweds came out, and I fell back in love with Nick. Still, I couldn't see why a handsome, smart man would marry Jessica, and with her clearly not caring about showing her stupidity. With every episode I would laugh at Jessica and marvel at Nick's patients. Now with their divorce, I assume Nick has snapped back into reality. No effents to any of you Jessica Simpson fans, but Nick what were you thinking?
  • One of the worst actors ever!

    I first saw the terrible pointless star's acting quality in "Charmed" Season 7 and he was absoultly awlful! He most likely lost the show almost a million viewers! There isn't much more I can say except that he has no talent and I don't see why the CW has picked a show up starring him when it's so obvious that no one will watch it! He's terrible!
  • All-round great guy...

    Nick Lachey definately should've been a bigger star than he is today. He is arguably most famous for his role on the reality tv show "Newleyweds", starring along side his then wife Jesica Simpson. But the guy has talent. He could and should have been as big a star as the likes of Justin Timberlake. Ok so his band weren't as successful as NSync, but he is more talented than any of the guys in that group bar Timberlake imo. He doesn't really seem to enjoy the limelight to much, which is probly why he hasn't become a world beater as such. But from watching him on Newleyweds, and from reading and watching interviews that he has done, you can see as clear as day that he is a genuinaly nice guy. He seemed to be a great husband to Jessica, and it was unfortunate they couldn't make things work. But he took the positives out of his divorce, recording his best album to date. And when you see him talk about family, his eyes just light up. I don't think Nick quite gets the credit he deserves, but he seems happy now and thats the most important thing. I rely hope that he gets what he wants out of life, because he does deserve it.
  • Lets see more Nick!

    Although it didn't take much to be more talented than Jessica Simpson, Nick showed that he not only had more talent but more class. Nick's new album really captured all that he was going through in the divorce and the first time I heard 'What's left of me' I could feel the pain in his voice and that's more than what I could say for Jessica. He's got a powerful voice and meaningful lyrics. Plus, as an avid watcher of 'The Newlyweds' when it was still on the air (and when they were still married for that matter) I easily could see that I would have rather spent a day with Nick than Jessica. I hope his career takes off, he deserves it.
  • Nick Lachey gained fame from performing in the popular boy band 98 Degrees.

    Nick was born Nicholas Scott Lachey on Novomber 9, 1973 in Harlan, Kentucky. His brother Drew performed with him in 98 Degrees. He attended the School of the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio with Carmen Electra. On October 26, 2002, he married pop singer Jessica Simpson. They had a show called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. He is the godfather of brother Drew's daughter Isabella Claire Lachey born March 23, 2006. Three months later, Nick and Jessica filed for divorce. He had his first solo tour when he released the album "What's Left Of Me". He is currently dating actress Vanessa Minnillo. In the past, Vanessa and Nick have denied planning to get married. Nick is a great singer and I hope I hear more great music from him soon.
  • He is my fake husband.

    I am so very happy for him now. He deserved a lot better then Jessica S. Love him with Vanessa. HANDSOME!!!!! A wonderful person. Great singer.