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  • All-round great guy...

    Nick Lachey definately should've been a bigger star than he is today. He is arguably most famous for his role on the reality tv show "Newleyweds", starring along side his then wife Jesica Simpson. But the guy has talent. He could and should have been as big a star as the likes of Justin Timberlake. Ok so his band weren't as successful as NSync, but he is more talented than any of the guys in that group bar Timberlake imo. He doesn't really seem to enjoy the limelight to much, which is probly why he hasn't become a world beater as such. But from watching him on Newleyweds, and from reading and watching interviews that he has done, you can see as clear as day that he is a genuinaly nice guy. He seemed to be a great husband to Jessica, and it was unfortunate they couldn't make things work. But he took the positives out of his divorce, recording his best album to date. And when you see him talk about family, his eyes just light up. I don't think Nick quite gets the credit he deserves, but he seems happy now and thats the most important thing. I rely hope that he gets what he wants out of life, because he does deserve it.