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  • You gotta feel sorry for him a little bit.

    Nick Lachey seems like a nice enough guy. Okay singer. Above average intelligence. Good looking according to most women I know. He's also the poster boy for thinking with one's sex organ and marrying for the wrong reason. Now, according to the tabloids and from what I can infer underneath the surface of his show, he's miserable in his marriage.

    Hey, Nick, if you'd thought with your brain you would realize that Jessica wasn't worth it. She's stupid, shallow, lazy, spoiled, and mean. Just being hot doesn't make up for all those deficiencies. But poor ole Nick had the hots for Jessica and the only way he could hit it was to marry her. NEWS FLASH! Never marry a chick simply because she's hot. Now I have no doubt that Nick was aware of Jessica's flaws but his sex organ overrode his brain and he married her anyway. Now he's miserable at least if we believe the tabloids.

    Here's some advice for you, Nick. You should have married the geeky chick who wore glasses and braces. You remember her. She's the nice girl you copied off of in Geometry class who had a secret crush on you. The geeky chick still had plenty of time to blossom into a swan. Jessica Simpson will always be what she is--a stupid bimbo.