Nick Offerman





6/26/1970 , Minooka, Illinois USA

Birth Name




Nick worked with Joe Foust to create complete pandemonium in his early games of Cthulhu Lives, but quickly became one of the best players and an indispensible NPC. He won three Black Tentacle awards during his career, playing in seven games and co-Keeping one. He was one of several people to play NPC General Bart Brookstone. Two of his notable Investigator characters were gravedigger Wilbur Morlock from The Ninth Talisman and archeologist Hannibal Callahan from The Epic.

Nick was a Co-Founder of Chicago's acclaimed Defiant Theatre. Shortly after moving to Hollywood California, hunky actor Nick got caught up in the glamour of show business, and no longer has time for games. He has been seen on television in recent years in ER, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, Will & Grace, Good Morning Miami, The Practice, 24, and the upcoming Mix It Up!. He has been featured in theatrical films such as Treasure Island, Lush, Groove, Mr. Happy (Speaking of Sex), Enough, November and I Love Your Work. He has also appeared on the Los Angeles stage at The Evidence Room in The Berlin Circle, Saved, Don Carlos, Hot Property, and Mayhem. In addition, he has been seen recently in the pages of The National Enquirer and other supermarket tabloids, where his blissful relationship with a certain Emmy Award® winning actress has been chronicled.

When not acting, Nick builds things out of wood.