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    • He guest starred on George Lopez.

    • Offerman has been working on a new show which is called American Body Shop, and it has already started.

    • Nick is in a new show - American Body Shop

    • Megan Mullally's co-star on Will & Grace, Sean Hayes, and her husband, Nick Offerman, share a birthday. Sean and Nick were born on the same day, roughly around the same time, in the same state (Illinois) and are the same age.

    • He played Nick, the carpenter on Mix It Up and he also played Nick, the plumber, on Will & Grace.

    • He was not working on any shows or films when he married Megan Mullally. She, however, was still working on Will & Grace.

    • He married Megan Mullally secretly and confirmed "True" to Shelley Morrison when she asked for the truth if they had married.

      Nick and Megan are currently married and live in LA.

    • He appeared on Gilmore Girls as a guest star.

    • He is in the movie Forward which is a movie that should be released on Feb. 28, 2007.

    • Nick and his wife Megan Mullally, did not announce any official break ups while they were dating.

    • Nick appeared in the 2004 independent film November, starring Courteney Cox. He played Officer Roberts.

    • He appeared in the movie D.C. Smalls (2001) and he played the character Chubby.

    • Nick reported that he had gone to every Will & Grace taping since his marriage, because he wanted to.

    • Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have worked together in two movies- "Speaking of Sex" and "Stealing Harvard" made in 2003, the year they were married.

    • Nick Offerman met Megan Mullally in the year 2000. They met on the set of one of the first movies they were in together. They dated for 3 years before they married.

    • Since their wedding in 2003, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally live in Los Angeles.

    • The Pegasus Players was the theatre where Nick received a Joseph Jefferson Citation for The Kentucky Cycle.

    • Nick has acted in many different theaters, which are Goodman Theater, Shakespeare Repertory, Odyssey Theatre, and Pegasus Players.

    • Nick has began his career by acting in plays at the Steppenwolf Theater. He was in The Crucible, The Goodman, Wisdom Bridge, A Red Orchard, Buried Child and A Clockwork Orange.

    • The theatre Nick co-founded was located in Chicago where his wife, Megan Mullally, began her acting career.

    • Nick graduated and received a BFA in theatre, which led to him becoming co-founder.

    • He continued acting and appeared in many plays at the Evidence Room. He was a company member there.

    • Nick was at college from 1988-1993. There, he studied acting and kabuki.

    • Nick Offerman appeared in the movie Forward.

    • Nick Offerman is the co-founder of Chicago's Defiant Theatre Company which has made more than 15 plays.

    • Nick Offerman is the son-in-law of Carter Mullally Jr.

    • Nick married actress Megan Mullally on September 20, 2003 and they are currently still together. They were engaged during the spring of 2002. Their wedding ceremony was very private. Only the three other main stars of Will & Grace were invited to attend.

    • Nick graduated in 1993 from the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    • He appeared on Megan Mullally's talk show during 2006-2007

    • Offerman appeared in a fourth-season episode of wife Megan Mullally's show "Will & Grace." He appears as a plumber who has a brief affair with Mullally's character Karen.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Tell the truth. Treat people with the best manners, and work hard. If you're going to do a job, do it right. What is behind all these nuggets I've imparted today? The answer has always been love. Figure out how best to love and be loved. It all turns on affection. The main thing that has driven my teachers and yours has been simply affection for others and the good works that they might in turn undertake. You can always be looking for teachers. Surround yourself with smart, funny, interesting people from different places who have seen different things. I got one of the foxiest teachers I ever met to marry me (Megan Mullally)