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    • Nick: (on who he thinks will win the 7th season of "Big Brother") I think Thomas (Haynes) has probably got it in the bag. Thomas seems to be a genuine guy. He's got the boys and the girls on his side.

    • Nick: (on his plans after "Big Brother") I'm going to enjoy my 4-1/2 minutes of Z-grade celebrity status. Then, I suppose a lot of housemates say this, but I'm interested in a job in the media — radio or something.

    • Nick: (asked if he would continue to watch "Big Brother" after being evicted) No. Mainly because I don't want to watch every day something I could have been a part of. I'm not going to watch it daily and be a Big Brother fan.

    • Nick: (on who he thinks is playing the game in "Big Brother") Emma certainly is and I think the best way I can demonstrate that is the way she latches onto the new housemates.

    • Nick: (asked to sum up his "Big Brother" experience) Trying at times, but definitely a confidence builder and an eye opener.

    • Nick: (asked if he is as negative as he seemed to be in "Big Brother") No, I'm not. I had a lot of laughs in there as well. I had some great times. Aleisha's 21st was a blast. Thomas and I had a lot of laughs. I'm a bit disappointed I was only shown that way.

    • Nick: (asked for his high point of his "Big Brother" experience) Not the caviar the other night — that's for sure. Doing my goodbye message was definitely a blast. Friday night games were a blast.

    • Nick: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Emma Cornell) She's a bit on the two-faced side. She has a little policy of 'do as I say, not as I do.' She's got this weird fascination with the bbq sauce. She's a bit of a hypocrite.

    • Nick: (asked if he was surprised at being evicted from "Big Brother") No. Intruders don't really have much of a lifespan in the house. I was even more disadvantaged because I went in as a competition winner.

    • Nick: (asked if he is upset at being evicted from the "Big Brother" house) Yes and no. Because I'm missing a few people in there, like Susannah (Murray) and Thomas (Haynes), but I'm not missing the tofu and lentils.