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Nick Zano

Nick Zano


3/8/1979, Nutley, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Nicholas Crapanzano


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Nick Zano was born on March 8, 1979 in Nutley, New Jersey. He is most recognized as an News Anchor on MTV and playing Vince on the WB hit, What I Like About You.

Nick was raised by his great grandmother, grandmother, mother and two aunts. As…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I was already in love with Nick Zano from "What I Like About You" and then I fell in love with him all over again in "College"! The homoerotic scene in "College" had me rivetted...and I wondered how far the movie might possibly go.moreless

    Nick is the most fantastically handsome guy! His face is most cute and his body is most gorgeous and I cannot take my eyes off of him on the screen. When he is on screen it is hard to look anywhere else. I honestly can't think of any other actor with that much sheer sexual magnetism...I was getting very excited in the basement scene in "College" and wishing that it would go MUCH further! I was of course looking for him to appear in the scene before that: the Lambda House scene. When the guys got back to Nick's (Teague's) frat house and they had the scene in the basement doing bodyshots off of the hairy guy's buff bod with Nick presiding, I really wondered just how far it would go...moreless
  • Really good actor,really down to earth an doesn't forget where he came from everything you'd want in a guy!!! ;)

    Well it's kind of hard to review someone you have never met an have only watched on tv,but i found watching Nick Zano really interesting,an i don't know why he isn't in more shows,he's funny he's sarcastic(something i like in a person)he captured his character very well an you believed everything he said.This show is something that i watch everyday even though i've seen pretty much every episode, but i just enjoy watching it! I love the tension an the drama between him an amanda an i like the thought that life works out in the end,an watching a blooming romance gives me something to escape to when i'm feeling low an have loss of hope with my own relationship.See he's that good that i question my own relationship,i mean everyone wants that one special person,that someone who can lift you off your feet without you even being aware it. Nick has obviously worked really hard to be where he is an honestly i think he deserves more.Just by watching him on tv i can tell he's a sweet guy who really is a gentleman,good job.(wow i sound corny)moreless