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  • My anaconda wants some delicious buns!

    Nicki Minaj is a total slut. She even ripped off Baby Got Back, a good song. Yes, I like big butts, except for Nicki's gross butt.
  • Princess of fakery or plastic surgery.

    She sucks at rap. And her own self. She should get her own right talent and stop trying hard. She's just annoying for me.
  • I know hip-hop...and she's not it. She's terrible.


    When I hear I Nicki Minaj song on the radio, I instantly turn to another station. I can't stand her music. I think she is one of the worst things to happen to hip-hop music, and music in general.

    When she first became known to the public, I tried to give Nicki a chance. I really did. I love hip-hop music and I have since I was a child. There aren't many females in mainstream hip-hop, and they've all but disappeared over the last few years. But this woman has seriously let me down.

    Her lyrics are weak and ridiculous. Most of them don't make sense. A few people said that she does this to be crazy, as part of her image, but that's a sorry excuse for poor lyrical content. I also can't stand the myriad of voices she uses. Again, ridiculous. She sounds like a drugged up cartoon character half the time.

    I give Nicki props for trying to be different. She lets her cleavage and what-not hang out. Fine. She's not the first performer to try to use sex to sell her records. But she's over-the-top stupid looking sometimes. Some of the stuff she wears would only be good as a Halloween costume. She's awful.

    I wish she would kick back and listen to some Jay-Z and Nas, or take it even further back and listen to Run DMC and Heavy D. And it's obvious she hasn't been inspired by Lil Kim or Foxy Brown or MC Lyte, or Salt N Pepa. This girl is clueless.

    If she can't look to the past, she should at least learn from those around her. As much as Drake annoys me, he is lyrically good. He's just talented. And he's her friend, he should stop letting her look stupid and help her with her rhymes.

    I would like to listen to Nicki's music one day. But not until she gets her act together. She's fooled millions of people (mostly youngsters) into buying her music but I won't be one of the followers of this garbage music.