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  • I don't enjoy her.

    I don't like Nicky. I don't think shes talented and I Don't think shes pretty. Shes not even good at making purses. Shes not a great designer. She should start thinking about taking over Hilton Hotels. She should get into business like that. Paris is much more alive and talented. Nicky is dull and overrated. I See a lot of teenage girls liking her just as much as Paris but I don't see how Nicky is any kind of role model she hasn't done anything exciting with her career, if you call it a "career".
  • The better Hilton sister.

    Nicky Hilton. Yeah, she's Paris's sister. Yeah, she got hitched in Vegas and annulled three months later. But, Nicky isn't much like Paris. She stays in the low light. She has a clothing line, Chick by Nicky Hilton that she designed herself. Nicky DID go to school for that, and her line is pretty fashionable. And, she's a better role model for kids. She doesn't do anything revealing or anything like that. She is just a normal girl basically, well, a normal rich girl.
  • Nicky Hilton...

    I like both Hiltons but I think I like Nicky the slightest bit more probly mainly cuz I find the fact that she isnt an attention begger interesting. Nicky Hilton is really pretty and her dark hair suits her very well. She would do well in TV and whatever...I WOULD like to see the differences between Paris and her if she had gone on the Simple Life
  • Who is Nicky Hilton?

    She saids that she's nothing like Paris! But she turned down doing the Simple Life, because she didn't want to live like that! SHe also said that she went to school for her fashion line. It's gonna be like another one of those over priced clothes cause she made them, and their gonna for the super skinny girls like her and her stupid sister! And she got married and devivored,she just like all those idolts in Hollywood. Face it, Nicky is worse then her sister.
  • She's responsible. She's useful. She'd make a better heir than Paris. Hopefully, her parents will realize this.

    She's better than Paris. That's the only thing that I can say. She's better than Paris! She's better than Paris! Who was there when Paris missed the opening of her night club, Nicky Hilton! Nicky's not that spoiled. Nicky not always in the spotlight. She doesn't long for attention every month. She doesn't have the personality of a third-rate prostitute. She should be the heir to the Hilton fortune. She actually works a little. She actually does what an owner of a hotel chain should do. She isn't lazy. She is better than Paris. Every single person in the world should realize that.
  • A hell of a lot better then her sister

    She might not be as beautiful but when it comes to the important things, like being reponsible and actaully doing something with yourself, Nikki is so much better. And even though she\'s not the best role model, she is so much better then her sister. Who from what I know, is living off her father\'s money, since she has no talent whatsoever. She has talent as a designer and I think she should still continue to make purses and rely on herself for her wellbeing and not looking at her father for every damn thing. She is so much better then her sister.
  • Done a lot more than Paris.

    It bothers me that this girl is forever in Paris' shadow. It should be the other way around. Nicky's gorgeous and rather talented. She's complete opposite of her sister, and has at least tried to do something with her life. I would like to see more of her in the future, instead of her sister.
  • The apple doesn't fall far.

    I think that Nicky Hilton is a better person than her sister, but I am really sick of hearing the Hilton name in general. Maybe the rating is a bit harsh, but I still think she is a brat who is spoiled just as much as anyone with that much time on her hands. She is hottter than her sister by lightyears, but that doesn't change my feelings about her. Really no talent and no real reason to like her. I ust say she needs to show that she is more than just a face in the papers and magazines. Thank you.