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Nicky Whelan began her career in the entertainment industry as a fashion model for over five years before moving to presenting. In 2003, Nicky tied in first place in a competition to find a new host for Nickelodeon. She gained experience in TV presenting and in 2004, starred…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Nicky is 5' 4¼" (1.63 m) tall.

    • In July 2007, it was revealed that Nicky was leaving Neighbours

    • In April 2007, a mutual friend introduced Nicky to David Spade. David flew Nicky from Australia to Los Angeles to appear in an episode of his show, The Showbiz Show, and as a return of the favour, he was to make a cameo appearance on Neighbours. When news came of Nicky cutting her contract short to concentrate on her career overseas, David pulled out of the deal.

    • Nicky was the first model to be on the cover of the calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, more than once.

    • Nicky was a special guest in SBS TV's comedy Fat Pizza.

    • Nicky was the host of the '2006 Grid Girl Search' for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

    • Nicky took part in the National Storage Celebrity Garage Sale which raised thousands for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

    • Nicky has beeen a cheerleader for the NRL's Melbourne Storm and NBL's Melbourne Tigers.

    • Nicky began modeling with Vivien's Model Management in 2000.

    • Nicky is the face of Shepparton Show Me (Greater Shepparton is located 180km north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). She was a special guest at the launch of The Shepparton Show Me Supertram on Thursday 8th December 2005 and has appeared in various TV Ads.

    • Nicky is a co-owner of the Quay at Docklands in Melbourne along with other owners such as Sam Newman.

    • Nicky attended the 2006 AFL Brownlow Medal awards with Scott West. Her dress promoted the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation's Silver Ribbon campaign.

    • Nicky takes acting and voice training classes.

    • Nicky was crowned 2004 Inside Sport Model of the year.

    • Nicky has graced some of Australia's best-known fashion magazines and has even been featured in Inside Sport on a full-page colour spread.

    • Before Nicky's TV days she worked as a full-time fashion model for five years.

    • Nicky has co-hosted Night Racing at Mooney Valley for five consecutive years where she interviews celebs and jockeys.

    • In 2005 Nicky became the host of Network Seven's "Melbourne Woman" which was a show which provided weekly information on fashion, fitness, Melbourne's social scene and real estate advice.

    • In 2004 Nicky co-hosted Network Seven's "Coxy's Big Break" which was a travel/lifestyle show in Melbourne, Australia.

    • In 2004 Nicky played Chrissie on Network Ten's TV Movie "Russell Coight's Celebrity Challenge".

    • In 2003, Nicky was a host for the Nickelodeon Channel for two weeks. It was a competition where kids could vote for their favourite host and Nicky tied for first place.

  • Quotes

    • Nicky: (on having two director, the Farrelly brothers, in the movie Hall Pass and how it works) They're lovable, and they're family, they're so warm. I think, unconsciously, they have a system where one will walk up and give you note, and the other stays back. I think they just naturally have their system, so it's not awkward having the two of them.

    • Nicky: (on working with the Farrelly brothers in the movie Hall Pass) The Farrelly brothers had a system, and it works, and they both have ways of making you feel comfortable and making you laugh the whole time.

    • Nicky: (on the concept of hall pass as described in the movie Hall Pass where she had a important role) I'd never heard of a hall pass until I came to America. It sounds like something at school. It's not my idea. I wouldn't use this ever, personally

    • Nicky: (on doing a Farrelly brother's movie Hall Pass) Some of the movies they have done are classics, and people will reel off their lines forever.

    • Nicky: (on the difference between American and Australian men) I think the Australian men and American men are quite different. I feel like Australian men might be a little bit more laid back and a little bit cool whereas American guys are sort of 'boom, boom, boom.'

    • Nicky: (on her role in the movie Hall Pass) She's a bit of hippie and works in a coffee shop.She's travelling through the US, just cruising and she's down for everything, obviously.

    • Nicky: (on the risk of going with a Australian character for her role in the movie Hall Pass) It's a risk, they have gone with it and I love it.

    • Nicky: (on playing a Australian character in the movie Hall Pass) They kept it, thank God, because it is nice in such a big movie to be an Australian.

    • Nicky: (on doing her audition for the movie Hall Pass in her original Australian accent) Peter [Farrelly] sat in the front row, looked at me and said 'You can do it in your accent'.

    • Nicky: (on not being in the party scene in LA) I don't go out, I don't party. I'm really not part of that scene.

    • Nicky: (on moving to LA) I worked with great people, so coming here is like starting your entire life again, which is weird."

    • Nicky: (on her acting career in Australia before moving to LA) I had a lovely really fun little career in Australia.

    • Nicky: (on finding work in LA) I think every Australian has gone through some rough patches over here.

    • Nicky: (on working in LA) When you're not working and you have a long amount of time off, you do get the dumps.

    • Nicky: (on audition for a main character in Entourage that she didn't get) I had to do a long audition process with Kevin Connolly, who was really supportive.

    • Nicky: (on her "Neighbours" character, Pepper) She's very similar to your early Goldie Hawn, who I love. She's blonde, everyone thinks she a bimbo, but she's not. She's full of life and full of energy. She's one of those people who says way too much too soon. Then realises and thinks, 'S..., I shouldn't have said that'.

    • Nicky: (on beginning work on "Neighbours") I was packing my bags to go to LA. I was going to spend a year there and then I got a call from Neighbours. The opportunity was awesome and I thought, 'I don't think I'm gonna get it again'.

    • Nicky: (on working with Rowena Wallace in "Neighbours") Working with Rowena was sensational and brilliant. I've only just started out and after watching her I really know how a pro works now.

    • Nicky Whelan: I'm a good girl when I'm at work

    • Nicky Whelan: We all go a bit crazy on Friday afternoons on the Neighbours set. And it's always Dan (O'Connor) who plants the idea in everyone's head - he'll tell us where to meet after work, and before you know it we're all out dancing!

    • Nicky Whelan: (on getting her first acting job - on "Neighbours") I've always wanted to act and this is the perfect first role. I'm 150% ambitious to succeed in this career. The show is known all over the world and it's a great chance.

  • Future Star

    Nicky Whelan has a bright future ahead of her. With a modeling career and a Neighbors gig under her belt, I can see her with either a successful acting or modeling career one her Neighbors contract has expired.

    Nicky is very talented and beautiful, with her Neighbors character "Pepper Steiger" adding some much needed spice to the show.

    I can see Nicky acting in many different genre movies, such as drama's, romantic comedy's and possibly even a science fiction movie.

    Her career will extend far beyond Neighbors, with an ever growing fan base, due to her down to earth personality, it's almost impossible not to like her.moreless