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Nicola Bryant


10/11/1962, Guildford, England, UK

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Nicola Bryant


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Nicola grew up in Surrey, England. She learned ballet, the piano, the flute and the guitar, and took acting classes at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. While at drama school, she married the American singer, Scott Kennedy, but they later separated. Her first major part was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia


      Nicola has had a good working relationship with Colin Baker when they both worked a whole season on the BBC Sci-Fi adventure Doctor Who when Colin played the Doctor. Today Nicola & Colin are still close friends.


      In an interview 30 years ago Nicola revealed that she enjoys driving a car. Today Nicola still drives a car in both America and England.

    • Loved working with Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor) on Doctor Who in The Two Doctors in 1985. 2 years later, she was sad to learn that Pat Troughton had died of a heart attack.

    • In 2008, Nicola provided comentary for Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma, due to be released in late 2009.

    • In 2009 Nicola provided a commentary for the Doctor who serial, Attack Of The Cybermen.

    • In 2008 Nicola provided commentaries for the serials The Mysterious Planet and Mindwarp as part of the Doctor Who: The Trial Of A Time Lord DVD boxset.

    • In July 2008 Nicola began a tour performing in Daphne Du Maurier's Don't Look Now. It will continue until November.

    • Nicola has appeared on the covers of Doctor Who Magazine in 1986 and 1990 and Metropolitan in February 1996.

    • Nicola's theatre work has included roles in Killing Jessica, Purple Politics, Strife, Lost In Exile, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe?, Jeeves and Twelfth Night.

    • In 1985 Nicola played Peri Brown in a BBC Radio production Doctor Who: Slipback

    • Nicola is a strict vegetarian.

    • In 2008 Nicola appeared in an advert for Bold washing power playing the mother of an untidy teenager.

    • Nicola admitted in an interview that instead of auditioning for the role of Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, she had only auditioned for a guest role in the series.

    • In 2003 Nicola directed the audio novel UNIT: The Wasting. Nicola also played the role of Seargent Willis under the pseudonym of Nora Brande.

    • In a 2008 poll with SFX Magazine Doctor Who Special Nicola's Doctor Who character Peri Brown ranked in at Number 13 for Best Companion.

    • In 2007 Nicola appeared in The Tom Stoppard London production of Rock 'n' Roll.

    • In February 2006, Nicola performed in a New End Theatre production of the Carl Djerassi play Taboos.

    • In 1985 Nicola participated in a novelty record called Doctor In Distress with her fellow Doctor Who actors Colin Baker, Anthony Ainley and Nicholas Courtney in response to the show being rested for 18 months.

    • Between 2001 and 2007, Nicola has contributed commentaries for the serials The Caves Of Androzani, Vengeance On Varos, The Mark of The Rani, The Two Doctors, Timelash and Revelation Of The Daleks.

    • Nicola has appeared in three different productions with Colin Baker in which she played a companion of his with the surname Brown. These productions are Doctor Who from 1984-1986 as Peri Brown, The Stranger as Miss Brown in 1993 and The Airzone Solution Elenya "Ellie" Brown, also in 1993.

    • When Nicola won the role of Peri on Doctor Who she was told by producer John Nathan Turner to pretend for a while that she was actually American, despite being British.

    • Nicola loves to swim.

    • When she becomes really furious, Nicola writes songs to calm her down. When Nicola is happy, she still writes songs. When Nicola is sad, she writes songs to comfort her.

    • Nicola has an American accent.

    • Nicola writes songs when she is angry.

    • Nicola stays up writing songs all hours of the night.

  • Quotes

    • Nicola: (On the serial Planet Of Fire): The press came with us to Lanzarote and they were right on our tail all the time. Of course, I had a lot of stuff in bikinis and I think they were desperately keen for the Page Three shot. In Lanzarote, you can do topless sunbathing and I remember John saying to me, 'If you take your top off for one second, I'll kill you because they'll be there!' The newspapers paid for all those 'James Bond' shots. That was entirely their idea. They hired Peter a tuxedo and bought me a white bikini.

    • (On the clothes she had to wear as Peri in Doctor Who).
      Nicola: It was high heels, leotards and shorts. Being stuck in shorts, filming in England in November, five degrees below freezing wasn't my favourite moment. I think Madonna copied me afterwards, what can we say?

    • (On how she never actually sounds like any of the characters she plays)
      Nicola: Yes, I rarely get to sound like me. You can probably count the amount of times I have used my own voice on one hand. But I like that, that to me is acting. In a way you probably become less famous because you're less typecast, because people don't see you again and again playing the same role. I think it would have been quite easy to have fallen into that, because I was offered a lot of screaming teenage American parts for a while after doing Doctor Who. I do love doing American drama and it probably accounts for 50 - 60 per cent of the work I do now. Where at one time about 80 per cent of everything I did was American. But I get the best of both worlds really. At least I have been around long enough now and people do know I can do English roles.

    • (On acting roles she would like to play).
      Nicola: There's too many to name and because it's such a difficult question to answer it's probably my least favourite question, because people are always saying: "What do you want to do?" And I think "you think the list is that short!" I'd love to play every good part in the world that I'm remotely suitable for. I often look at roles. For example when I first saw this show (The Ride Down Mount Morgan) in the West End the only role I thought I'd be able to play was Bessie because it was nearer to my age bracket. But I managed to sneak into the Leah age group bracket, and you never know in 20 years time he (Arthur Miller) might have re-written it again and I might be able to play Theo's part.