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    • Nicola: (on her dream of being an actress) I want to be the best actress I can be and keep doing movies and following those dreams.

    • Nicola: (on her historical role she would like to play) I would love to play Juliet in 'Romeo and Juliet some day. That would be my dream role.

    • Nicola: (on her favorite designers) I love fashion, all different kinds. I love BCBG, Alexander Wang. My favorite designer is Chanel even thought I don't own anything from there. I'm always trying to take (wear) my mom's things. She's always going 'you can't go out of the house looking like that!'

    • Nicola: (on the costumes of the movie The Last Airbender) I loved the costumes. They're amazing. Judianna who designed the costumes is so talented. I'm going to say that I like the Winter one a little more but I love them both and I did get to keep one of the copies of Katara's necklace.

    • Nicola: (on doing Tai Chi and Kung Fu in the movie The Last Airbender) I did take ballet and that helped me with Tai Chi and ice hockey helped me with Kung Fu.

    • Nicola: (on the physical aspects of the movie The Last Airbender) Of course I could kick his butt! I've played ice hockey, center and right wing. I'm very physical and that did help me with martial arts.

    • Nicola: (on filming the movie The Last Airbender) There was a lot of green screen shooting so you got to use your imaginations. Greenland looks fake but it's real. We were there and it's just beautiful. [The director] would talk us through it saying 'okay, now there's a fire ball or he would show us some storyboards of the scene. He was really hands on about everything.

    • Nicola: (on her relationship with the daugthers of M. Night Shyamalan, her director in the movie The Last Airbender) They are my best friends. I have sleepovers with them. They did teach me a lot about Katara. They helped me. They're amazing kids. When we started shooting they would come to set a lot and I got close with them.

    • Nicola: (on her character in the movie The Last Airbender) There are so many interesting characters and in every episode, you learn something new. It has great family values and there are morals. I think Katara is so interesting because she has a big heart, is caring for Aang and loves her older brother Sokka. But, at the same time, she is a fighter. She's a great water-bender and does what she believes in. She's very mentally and physically strong.

    • Nicola: (on watching the animation version of Avatar: The Last Airbender) I had watched it before. I loved it. I loved Katara. I watched it with my little brothers.

    • Nicola: (on the clothes needed to filming The Last Airbender in the cold of Greenland) We had seven layers under our costumes so I look a little heavier in those scenes.

    • Nicola: (on filming some scenes of The Last Airbender in Greenland) There were a lot of fun stories. Once, in Greenland we had a huge snowball fight, everyone, the whole cast and crew. It was so much fun. We had a lot of fun times. There is a town there called Llulissat and we stayed there in a beautiful hotel.

    • Nicola: (on her The Last Airbender co-star Jackson Rathbone being in the Twilight Saga movies) I met Jackson at the audition and I did recognize him from the Twilight films. We did have a lot of chemistry as brother and sister and he's like my real brother in real life. We definitely would act like siblings, teasing each other.

    • Nicola: Nighttime inspires me.

    • Nicola: (on filming in Hong Kong for the movie Transformer) Absolutely loving filming in Hong Kong everyone is so nice.

    • Nicola: I have the best parents in the world! Their love inspires me everyday. Feeling very blessed.

    • Nicola: 2013 has been a magical year! I feel so blessed to have met such amazing people and been on some crazy adventures. I want to thank all the people out there who've made me smile, supported me and been with me through the good and bad. Before we go into 2014 we should all let the beautiful people in our lives know we love them.

    • Nicola: Life is so precious you never know which day could be someone's last. Appreciate every day.

    • Nicola: Be the light you want to see in the world.

    • Nicola: Unless its mad passionate extraordinary love it's a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them.