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  • Trivia

    • Nicole has never met Patrick Stewart.

    • In April 2011, Nicole attended FedCon XX in Germany.

    • Nicole attended the Lightspeed Fine Art's 7th Annual Celebrity Charity Benefit in 2006 with many of her ST:DS9 co-stars.

    • Nicole attended San Diego's Comic-Con in 2008 to promote her guest spot on Stagate Atlantis.

    • Nicole returns to SciFi in 2008 with a guest spot on Stargate Atlantis. Nicole previously worked with series star David Hewlett on the 1997 film Cube.

    • Nicole went through a "punk rocker" phase in her teens, but found out that her "look" kept her from attaining good roles.

    • Due to Nicole's work in Star Trek:Deep Space Nine and for appearing in various other science fiction TV series and movies, she is a regular convention-goer worldwide.

    • On stage Nicole has appeared in productions of The Father, Little Foxes, The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Our Town, and Little Women.

    • Nicole enjoys traveling and has been known to drive long distances when she feels in the mood.

    • Nicole's last name "de Boer" translates as '"the Farmer" in Dutch.

    • Nicole had an uncredited appearance in The Hidden Room.

    • Nicole holds the second shortest role duration for a regular cast member in a Star Trek series, starring in only 25 episodes.

  • Quotes

    • (on her becoming known for her sci-fi roles)
      Nicole de Boer: I didn't go looking for it, it found me I guess. I started working in Toronto and there was a lot of American shows shooting there and a lot were sci-fi.

    • (on her Dead Zone character Sarah)
      Nicole de Boer: I loved the original Stephen King story and I thought Michael Hall was great for the part. My worry was would my character have anything to do? She didn't have a job. It became a running gag with me in the kitchen flipping pancakes. Is this all I do, flip pancakes? But she gets a job in second season.

    • (on watching Terry Farrell's portrayal of Dax)
      Nicole de Boer: I got some episodes and watched them, but I didn't really want to be affected too much by what she did. Jadzia was going to be one of many people inside of me, so I just did the clasping-the-hands-behind-the-back like she did, which I think also Joran did as well. It kind of gave that little nod to her, but she was going to be one of, what, eight people inside me?

    • (on being a Stephen King fan)
      Nicole de Boer: Not a big one. I like some of his stuff...not the really scary stuff, more the psychological kind, and of course Stand By Me. His writing has ranges, you know?

    • (justifying her Dead Zone character for leaving her husband)
      Nicole de Boer: I mean seven years the guy is in a coma and everybody told me he wasn't going to wake up.

    • (on the topic of being a sexy character in Star Trek)
      Nicole de Boer: I am more of a pixie, a spritely...I'm for the guys who don't even have the esteem to even think about Jeri in the privacy of their own home.

    • (on if she feels like an icon for her work on Star Trek)
      Nicole de Boer: I do a little bit. I am in the family. I have the uniform. I am a lieutenant..I went from ensign to lieutenant in only three episodes.

    • (when asked what happened to Deep Space 1-8)
      Nicole de Boer: I don't know. I didn't watch it before I joined it.

    • Nicole de Boer: A lot of times, non sci-fi it's not that gratifying a role, necessarily, to just be "the chick".

    • (on entering the Star Trek franchise)
      Nicole De Boer: When I came on, Hans Beimler one of the producers said to me, "This is really going to change your world. This is really going to crazy." And I already had big garbage bags of fan mail on my first day at work waiting for me. So it is crazy, but I really embrace it. I love it. I love the fans.

    • (on her character Ezri Dax)
      Nicole De Boer: I did feel good about it. You can always want to do more and I'm sure the writers did afterwards, that's just natural to feel that. But they sure crammed a whole lot of stuff in there for me for a year. I have fond memories of working on it, I loved working on it!

    • (On Star Trek conventions)
      Nicole De Boer: I love STAR TREK conventions, they're great. I like to go to places like Australia and places that I wouldn't necessarily get a chance to go, so that's always fun. For the fans it's a way of socializing and they really have a great time. The energy's always really nice, everybody's always really good to me.

    • (On working with the Stargate cast)
      Nicole De Boer: I liked the studios that they film at, Bridge in Vancouver. It's a great place to work. I just thought the cast and crew were fabulous. They were having a really good time, which is nice to see after so many years [of working together]. It can go either way. It can be a family atmosphere or it can be [that] people get grouchy.