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    • Nicole Fiscella:(About acting and going to school at the same time) I'm hopefully going to pursue everything at the same time. I'm on my summer break right now, but while I'm filming, I'm studying. I'm getting my masters online, so there's a lot of work. I don't get to be as fun as everybody else, and I have to work on Saturdays and Sundays, but it's good and I want to do it. I have a really good in right now because I'm sort of in that world of people who need a lot of nutrition expertise -- you know all the celebrities, actors, always needing that kind of stuff. And you know I've been a model forever, so I know a lot of girls that, you know, need help.

    • Nicole Fiscella:(When asked how she prepares to play a character a few years younger than herself) A lot of years younger. Yeah, you know, it's fun. I think I get some inspiration from my younger brother, who's 19, so it's around that age, and he'll tell me what all his little girls say and everything like that. So that helps. It's fun. I like it, and hell, if I can live young forever, why not?

    • Nicole Fiscella:(On if she was pressured to lose weight as a model) No, never, never. I think I'm naturally really thin. Also, my mom's really little, so I didn't have any problems with that. I know girls that have, and it's really tough for them because they go into starvation mode. I've been lucky though and I work out a lot.

    • Nicole Fiscella:(When asked why she is studying nutrition) Both of my parents are doctors, so we were always the health-nut family. I think I always wanted to do something in the medical field a little bit, but not as far as being a doctor, so this is a good median.

    • Nicole Fiscella: (About her dream guest star on Gossip Girl, Whoopi Goldberg) She could play my mom! Or the school principal. Hell, she could play whatever she wanted to, she's amazing!

    • Nicole Fiscella: (About potential lesbian plots on Gossip Girl) All the guys and girls have already hooked up with each other. There's nowhere left to go!