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  • Some corrections on who this actress/singer/dancer truly is!

    I am writing now to set the record straight that I, Nicolle Rochelle, formally known as "Nicole Leach," was actually born in Livingston, NJ to Mr. Lawrence Leach Jr. and Dr. Pamela A. Joyce, my sister is Lauren Wildy, wife of Marcus Wildy, and I don't have, nor have ever had, lime disease. I have worked in and out of New York city since the age of 7 and just as I was about to move to Los Angeles last year to record my album and ride a red motorcycle everyday, I got my dream role of playing Josephine Baker in a new show in Paris called "A la Recherche de Josephine"! I decided then to change my name officially to my middle name of Rochelle as I have always loved and studied French language and culture and hey, my parents just so happened to have given me two French names at birth! Lucky me! I also symbolically chose to adopt two L's in my first name for so many reasons of symmetry, duality, originality, and of course, because I do need my two wings to fly (yes, on both sides!), like a fairy/butterfly, up, up, and away, somewhere beyond the rainbows towards all of my dreams! Thank you for reading and continuing to support us artists, Bisous et Merci (Kisses and Thanks)!