Nicole O'Brian

Nicole O'Brian


8/10/1982, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Birth Name

Claudia Nicole O'Brien


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • A motivation for Nicole and her partner, Brandon, to participate in Season 5 of The Amazing Race was to spend more time with each other, since their careers were keeping them apart.

    • Nicole met her Amazing Race partner, Brandon, at a Bridal Extravaganza in Houston, Texas. As reigning Miss Texas, she was there to model a new bridal gown, while Brandon was there as her escort on the runway. Right after the bridal show ended, Brandon got her telephone number and they began dating.

    • Nicole resides in Los Angeles.

    • Nicole competed with fellow Amazing Race 5 contestants Alison Irvin, Erika Shay and Christie Lee Woods in various pageants.

    • On The Amazing Race Nicole and her partner, Brandon, went for the Fast Forward and ending up not doing it because it would entail shaving their heads. Nicole, being a model, felt that their hair what made their careers.

    • Nicole's parents are Lorie Cannon and Todd Totzke II.

    • Nicole is an advocate for foster care and adoption.

    • After Nicole's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Nicole became an advocate for breast cancer research and awareness.

    • Nicole attended San Jacinto College, majoring in radio, television and film, but she hopes to become an actress.

    • Nicole is 5'6" tall with green eyes and brown hair.

    • Nicole's proudest accomplishments have been winning Miss Texas USA 2003 and being the second runner up at Miss USA 2003.

    • Nicole appeared in season 5 in The Amazing Race with her then-boyfriend, Brandon Davidson. The couple place third.

    • Nicole competed alongside Christie Lee Woods, another Amazing Race 5 contestant in the Miss Texas USA 2002 and 2003 pageants.

    • Nicole took four hours to complete the caviar challenge in Saint Petersburg on The Amazing Race

    • Nicole was named after her grandmother.

    • Nicole is a born-again Christian.

  • Quotes

    • Nicole: They have those 'church things' everywhere, don't they?
      Brandon: What 'church things?'
      Nicole: What is it called, a mosque or something? They're on every corner. It's like Starbucks here.

    • Nicole: I'm not gonna shave my head.

    • Nicole: Brandon throws our money away like it's toilet paper.

    • Brandon: Lord, I believe. Can you lead me right to it? Found it!
      Nicole: Oh, thank God. Literally.

    • Nicole: (on The Amazing Race) I didn't do this race to be third. I wanna be first.

    • Nicole: (on caviar) It's like swallowing a giant loogie.

    • Nicole: (on The Amazing Race) Even though Brandon and I are Christians and we do want to share our love for the Lord with other people, when it comes to winning, we will be as ruthless as we can possibly be.

  • Absolutely stunning.

    For the month of May 2008 she is appearing on as a co-host. She was Miss Texas USA 2003 and 2nd runner up to Miss USA 2003. Appeared in one movie. She is an advocate for adoption, as she was adopted herself, although, against her biological father's wishes. Her adopted parents seemed to have done a wonderful job of raising her and giving her correct values. It is a shame that she doesn't want anything to do with her biological paternal side of her family. She would probably learn the truth about how she came to be adopted. End.moreless