Nicole Polizzi





1/23/1988 , Marlboro, New York, U.S.

Birth Name




Nicole Polizzi is best known as Snooki from the MTV hit show Jersey Shore.

She was born in Marlboro, New York and was raised by her adoptive Italian parents. In high school, Nicole suffered from an eating disorder, which was caused by her position on her high school cheerleading squad. However, she was able to overcome the disorder in time.

Eventually, Nicole made her debut to the world on December 3, 2009 with the first episode of Jersey Shore. She initially felt disconnected from the others, but over time she connected with Jenni Farley (J-woww). In the fourth episode, Nicole was punched in the face during a confrontation with a guy. Even though she did not suffer from any long-term physical injuries, the man was taken into custody and then released on bail a day later.

Despite her controversies on Jersey Shore, she has grown in popularity and has become yet another famous name in pop culture.