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  • Way better than Paris Hilton.

    I must say that Nicole Richie has seemed to mellow just a bit since becoming a mother. I think that she has the potential to get rid of her once soiled repuation and make something more of herself. I don't know why, but I think she has more talent than Paris Hilton. Maybe its because of her dad, but who knows. The thing that bugs me about her is that she has let herself sink to a level in which she should have never sunk by being a shallow person with her former best friend Paris Hilton. Maybe she'll get over it. Thank you.
  • Funny and Fab!

    I think Nicole is very funny and the life blood of The simple life. I am personally a fan of hers, i like her attitude and I love her style, she is very much my style icon. I think she is a bit underestimated, most people look too much into her past and cheesy tabloid rumors. I have heard some of her songs and singing on shows, she is really talented, at both writing and singing. She also has a book 'The truth about diamonds' which is a good read. Nicole is a bit rebelious, zanny and upfront, she is real. Unlike a lot of people i dont think she is too skinny, i think she looks nice. She is not perfect, but who is?
  • She isn't that great, but she's better than Paris Hilton.

    Nicole is kinda okay,but she isn't the greatest thing in the world, I thought she was prettier before she lost all that weight, but still like I said she isn't that wonderful but she is way way way better than Paris Hilton.She is funny on The Simple Life, but she still needs a little help with her priorities.
  • Why is she famous?

    Nicole Richie is one of the worst people to have in the media spotlight. I could never find out how she could be so famous besides the fact that she is Lionel Richie daughter. She really must make daddy proud. Always being the person who get arrested for drunk driving or drug poession and she is suppose to be a role model for America's youth. Her show with Paris Hilton is so pathetic it shows just how stupid they are and her in perticular. Nicole Richie is just another rich kid that gets famous because of where she came from instead of actually working for something.
  • im definatley not a fan.

    im not a fan, but when it comes to choosing between her and paris hilton, i would choose nicole richie in a heart beat. she lives off the family name. her dada is lionel richie. she hasnt even done much on her own, if anything. i cant even think of anything off of the top of my head.

    although not nearly as much of a dumb blonde as paris, i still think she is pretty hopeless. her weight problem for example. she says she really is trying to gain weight, but why isnt she? people say its health problems, but if it is, why was she so overweight before> being extremely underweight is something that happens to you aat birth, all your life. you dont suddenly develope it. unless she has some sort of rare disease, but i really doubt that.
  • Funny girl - seen her twice in the streets

    Nicole is so funny in a super obnoxious and loud way. But I would watch the Simple Life just to see what she comes up with next. She says the most outrageous things and has so much personality. I've seen her twice in the streets of New York and it is so easy to spot her with her small figure and unique style of dressing. She hangs out with hipsters but she doesn't really act that way. Still she's funny.
  • I love Nicole

    Nicole Richie is a gorgeous girl. I love her shes much better then Paris. This girls hysterical. She has a unique style im deffinetly into thumbs up to it. Nicole should get into more acting, she was hilarious in simple life i know its hard living life being famous, but at least shes not as dumb as little PH. Dirtball ahah.
    nicooles hot deff- why is she anerexic? she was sooo unique in her own body that I loved, because not everyone that is phat isnt ugly, phat girls are gorgeous they are comfortable in their own skin like her and thats what I love ..
  • Not really a fan, but she's better than Paris.

    I didn't like Nicole Richie at first. For a while I hated both her and Paris. Now it's just Paris I hate. I watched "The Simple Life" and Nicole is actually the nice one. In the episode of the family with dwarfism, you could tell that they weren't as fond of Paris as they were with Nicole. The father even said that Nicole would make a great mother. If you've seen her appearances on talk shows like the Tyra Banks show, you'll see she's actually nicer than most people lead you to believe. She's prettier than Paris, and if she ends her trip down the road to Anorexia, she'll be even prettier.
  • Lollypop Head

    Since Nicole Richie has began shedding the pounds she has shed to the point where her head is out of proportion with her body. Her head looks so huge now that she has what I like the call a \"lollypop head.\" Just picture a lollypop and that\'s what Nicole has. She was super awesome on the Simple Life and that\'s when I started to like her. Then she started to look like a skeleton wrapped in skin and now, I don\'t know what to think. Nicole was really funny on the Simple Life and that was really the only thing that made the show interesting. Paris Hilton wasn\'t so much... Nicole should gain some weight to counter her lollypop head and get herself some proportion to her body.
  • She is the better Simple Life girl than Paris Hilton, but she is still a bit.. well......

    She is very sweet and is dating DJ AM. She is on the Simple Life with Paris Hilton. She is actually the BETTER Simple Life girl than Paris Hilton, but she is still a bit.. Well.....I don't like how she thinks she has to be so skinny. God, what does she weigh, like, 90 pounds? God. She also...well...sometimes I can be a bit speechless about her. But as of right now I will just say she should gain more weight. Although I admire her Paris Hilton hating, she should REALLY be more heavy. Other than her anorexicness, I think she is pretty...when she wants to be.
  • Nicole is so hilarious!

    Nicole is a great actress for acting so dumb on the Simple Life show. I personally think that she is much better than Paris cuz Paris is too elegant and like no one can really relate to her. I can relate to Nicole cuz she dresses a little on the rock side and has the cutest fashion. Nicole also is so pretty and cute f you get me. Nicole also should try to get her on show cuz Paris and her aren't even friends but still they need to be in the same show? I don't get it but Nicole is aewsome!
  • Nicole richie is known from the simple life...

    Nicole richie is funny! Shes crazy and out-going shes the best person ever! I really like her on the simple life in all of the seasons especially in season 4 i also like her song dandelion nicole is a crazy girl she just go wild on anything im glad that they decided to pick her on the simple life! I hope to see more of nicole's work in the rest of 2006 and 2007 shes really crazy! And i hope that she never really changes! Thanks nicole for being so great!!
  • she is hilarious!

    i think nicole richie is very funny. especially in the simple life. she's pretty too, and she gained the weight that made her look anorexic before, so now she looks a lot better. she cracks me up in the simple life of how funny she handles the situation. i think deep inside her she's a good person.
  • Nicole Richie is HOTT!!!!

    Nicole Richie, much like paris hilton, is one of the greatest Celebrities of all time, not to mention one of the greatest reality TV stars too. Nicole Richie is beautiful, sexy, and one of the hottest celebutantes in Los angeles, no, the world! Nicole richie will soon have a music career and it will be amazing she has an awesome singing voice. and her show, the simple life, is the best reality TV show on TV... and it should be on until paris and nicole die. Nicole rishie is GRRRRRREAT!
  • A young girl who's life as turned round after a few bad moves!

    Nicole Richie has made a lot of mistakes in her live like taking drugs but she's not the only one and she did try to change and is now of them and a lot better expect the whole skinny thing which i hope she over comes very very soon and she is to skinny now. But she is talented actress and is a tren setter with lots of things especially the huge sunglasses everyone loves them and her clothes to. She is very pretty and really making a name for herself not just using her dad's name to make money and be famous. She's grew up a lot and hopefully she and Paris Hilton become friends again as they were great together!
  • Has anyone read The Truth About Diamond?It was written by the one and only Nicole Richie!Its a great book!!!Here is the first chapter so you can see for yourself

    Chapter One
    Reserved Seating
    Chloe Parker would be a terrible role model if she were famous. Trouble is that she was about to be.
    It started innocently enough, or as innocent as you can get on the dance floor of one of the hottest clubs in L.A.
    The nightclubs of L.A. are like soap operas, except they're not Days of Our Lives; they're more like Passions -- crazy stuff happens, and no one bats a fake eyelash. There's always some bizarre drama that plays out every night, and everyone in the cast -- I mean, everyone -- is great looking, stoned, and/or drunk. It's like a traveling freak show that stars the youngest and hottest in Hollywood. It's about fun, and sex, and pseudo-danger.
    Chloe Parker was practically born in a club. It's like she spontaneously generated one night in 1981 during a fourteen-minute remix. As a child, she could dance before she could walk and sing before she could talk. Dressed in a tie-dyed onesie and a tutu, her head a tangle of golden curls, Chloe was destined to haunt the clubs of her adoptive city as soon as humanly possible.
    Chloe had been going to the hottest clubs in Hollywood since she was this many, wearing L.A. Gear sneakers everywhere she went. Like me, Chloe has always been tiny, which meant we could both sneak into The Viper Room under the noses of the bouncers when we were thirteen. She was a kid partying with adults who treated her like a peer. Every important marker of her life had to do with clubbing. She wore her first bra to a club. She went out without a bra for the first time to a club. Her first kiss, her first crush on a gay guy, the first time she saw Jimmy Choo sandals, the first time someone passed her a joint -- all happened in a club.
    As a kid, Chloe would stand behind the DJ booth and dance, and the DJ could tell if he had the vibe right just by monitoring her movements. Like Holly Golightly in Madonna-wannabe rags, Chloe had the ability to not only be in the moment, but to create it.
    It helped that she always gave herself little jobs to do to make everyone happier. She'd hand out Dixie cups of water if people were looking overheated, or she would fan them with the sleeve of one of the 12-inch records the DJ was playing. She was the Disco Granny reincarnated.
    In those days, Chloe was like that -- so pure, all heart and soul. To see her smile would have the same effect on a roomful of sweaty strangers as the DJ playing a classic, crowd-pleasing track. She could be like a little sliver of the sun -- her glow lit them up.
    Chloe's mailing address might have been her mom Peggy's place in Bel Air, but the place to find her -- and more importantly the place where she was finding herself -- was whatever party was hottest at the moment.
    That night, it was Mode, a converted church on Cahuenga just north of Hollywood. Unfortunately, all of us were discovering a new side to Chloe -- a scary one.
    Chloe didn't need drugs to have fun. I mean, drugs would be double-bad for an addictive personality like hers, and I think she knew it. But she was drawn to them for the same reasons any young person may be -- drugs seemed glam, and exciting, and reckless. Being high was intriguing; it made her feel alive. Drugs were everywhere in every club. And drugs took the place of love.
    But along with whatever her other drugs du jour were, Chloe was as addicted to the club scene as she was a part of it.
    To get to our booth, Chloe aggressively stomped up the staircase of Mode, a multi-tiered architectural maze with flashing lights and music so loud it felt like it invaded you, like a virus. Just as everyone in L.A. had to climb the social ladder, Chloe and all the rest of us had to climb three flights of stairs to get to the VIP level at Mode. Sometimes, scaling the social ladder was easier and faster than making it up those stairs, which were usually choked with hangers-on, wasted fans, and undercover tabloid reporters. Chloe wasn't nationally famous yet, but she was a glittering part of the youth party scene, and reporters were smart enough to know that where there's smoke, there's fire.
    On her way up the stairs, Chloe started to pass two Asian girls, one tall and the other short and squat, who were bobbing their heads to the end of Kanye West's Golddigger. They both wore hip-huggers and expensive-looking belly shirts. They were not holding drinks, and their pupils were not dilated. Even in her chemically altered state, Chloe pegged them immediately: They were definitely magazine reporters.
    At Mode, people acted up, hooked up, and threw up, and the paparazzi stood outside to shoot the stars as they went in looking fabulous and staggered out totally gone. Guess which kinds of photos got published? You're right! Both kinds got published. From what I heard, an exclusive shot of a new couple could earn up to fifty grand from a celebrity weekly. The price would triple if the photogs could shoot inside, but the iron-clad rule was no cameras and no reporters in the clubs. That was part of what stoked the glamour and mystery. No one really knew what went on inside. The doormen played, too. They were judge and jury when it came to letting people in and keeping people out. That meant the warm-up act for the freak show usually started outside.
    Guys with money? Yup. But the doormen tried to keep the ratio of guys to girls at about ten to one. They wanted all the Brad Pitt wannabes to open their wallets while competing for the handful of Angelinas.
  • Nicole Richie is definitely the funny one on The Simple Life. I look forward to her seeing her make families uncomfortable with her excessive swearing and sexual comments. The show starts tomorrow night!

    Nicole Richie is definitely the funny one on The Simple Life. I look forward to her seeing her make families uncomfortable with her excessive swearing and sexual comments. The show starts tomorrow night!

    The daughter of Lionel Richie. Rose to fame on The Simple Life, as Paris Hilton's chubby sidekick. Is a former drug addict. Still has people question her due to extreme weight loss. Became engaged on season 3 of The Simple Life to DJ AM. They later broke up and shortly rekindled their romance, however they are no longer together. Was rumored to be dating Steve-o of Jackass fame. Rebound from DJ AM after the first break up. TMZ has video of them at a Taco Bell and him referring to her as his baby. She also wrote a book based on the life of her "friend" however it mirrors Richies own life.
  • nicole richie is so pretty and when i see douchebags on here dissing her i can begin to understand what kinda of idiots you are.

    she is so niice and kind harded. u couldnt ask for a more pretty person and funny person at the same time. losers. she no longer does drugs and she is so funny. get a life you discusting re res out there. she was so funny with paris in seasons one threw 3 in the simple life and i really cannot wait till sunday when the forth season comes out on television. it will be so good to watch. she is talented and anyone who is reading this i suggest yuo download the dandelion song she sings. i love it and it is so good very good meaning and y dont you get off ur lazy buts and go do it. haha love you (word it wouldnt let me say cause it says its offensive) haha
  • Nicole Richie is so talented.She has the best sense of humor,and style.I think she is one of the most honest people in Hollywood.She never blames anyone for the mistakes she has made,she stands up for herself without being to katty or evil.

    Nicole Richie is one of the most gorgeous, sweet and talented girls in young Hollywood right now.She is so focused and understands that money doesn\'t solve everything.Nicole appreciates her fans and whatever life offers her.I love that Nicole is always honest,when she to got help for drugs, she realised that she did need help.She didn\'t blame anyone for her mistake,instead she took responsibility.Now people say she is too thin,I agree it\'s not like she hasn\'t admitted it.Nicole knows that she is too thin right now so she is getting help from doctors.Thats why Nicole would be a great role model
  • the coolest girl in hollywood

    she\\\'s naughty, bitchy, and cool. nicole has this exotic kind of beauty. she\\\'s well-known for her strong personality. she\\\'s not stupid like most rich pretty girls. she\\\'s witty and silly in a good way. i also adore her style, she\\\'s so funky and fashionable. she\\\'s always misunderstood but it\\\'s clear to me that she is one of the sweetest girls on tv. way to go nicole!
  • Okay, so shes a spoiled brat, but I love her.

    I decided to select the title Spoiled Brat for Nicole Richie, because I felt it was the only one appropriate for her. But I will say that I love her and I think she is absolutely hilarious. After watching the first season of The Simple Life, I knew that I was hooked. No, it wasn't by boring old Paris Hilton doddering around a farm, but it was by Nicole who was determined to do outrageous things to make the show more interesting. I loved the way she charged items to one farmers account, and when he confronted her she made up that story about how her cat had just died, I was crying with laughter. I also think in the past couple of years she has gone from a trashy party girl, to quite classy and sophisticated. I can't wait to see her in The Simple Life 4, it'll be a bit sad that she’s not with Paris, but I'm sure she'll be as funny as ever.
  • Nothing but trash just like her co-star

    As far as Simple Life goes, Paris Hilton seems to always bear the brunt of any criticism. She's a spoiled brat, she's a stupid twit, she's useless, etc., etc. I agree with nearly every bad thing that's been said about Ms. Hilton. She makes an excellent Poster Girl for Useless People.

    But there's one thing many seem to omit when criticizing The Simple Life. The other half of the gruesome twosome--Nicole Richie. It's time she got proper credit too. She's every bit as useless as Paris Hilton and probably even more trashy. What has this stupid twit ever done to deserve her moment of fame besides get adopted by a celebrity? She's a zero, a nothing. All she's done has been to ride on Paris Hilton's coattails. If you have to ride on the coattails of a total loser like that, what does that say about you?

    It's says you are pathetic, Nicole Richie. Get a job and get a life.
  • Drug infested daddy's girl!

    Niciole Richie was best known for two things, Paris Hilton's sidekick and Lionel Richie's daughter. I do not blame her for wanting to get out of Paris's shadow, but that does not mean to slut it up. Nicole accually looked pretty cool, but then I saw a video that she was topless in. I lost all respect for her! Then when I hearded that her and Paris are no longer frineds, I knew she was doing it for her own good. Then you hear her talk about Paris in the meanest way! YOu also hear her talk about how skinny she's getting, but how she says it is that she has always been that way. Eventhough she looked a bit chubby on "Simple Life." Nicole seems perfect for this lifestyle. She's too skinny, stupid, and helpless!
  • Is this the best we got? :P

    OK, nothing against Nicole Richie personally (because I don't even effing know her) but really she reminds me, the way she acts, holds herself, looks at us (through the camera) like every snotty IT girl in school. Has anyone noticed how totally UNoriginal she is? Has anyone noticed how she, her budsy Paris, and Stewart's daughter all look the same? EXACTLY the same. They all are posing and acting like how a person is supposed to act and look like if they're famous. But they have nothing to be famous for or about, except acting famous until they got there. There is a head scratcher. Twinky toast.
  • Nicole Richie is the funnies woman ever. The only reason that "The Simple Life" exists is because of her.

    Nicole Richie is really the funniest person in the world. Whenever i watch a show that she stars in, i always start laughing.

    If Nicole wasn't in "The Simple Life", then the show would have absolutely no ratings. Paris Hilton is so boring to watch, but Nicole makes the show worth watching.

    Nicole is really talented and she can tell really funny jokes on "The Simple Life".

    I hope that she gets a role in a comedy series because that's where she belongs.
  • Nicole Richie rocks!

    I like Nicole Richie over Paris. But that\'s just me. I mean I don\'t hate Paris or anything but personally Nicole is humourous and does absolutely ridiculous things that can make anyone laugh at. But again...That\'s just me...I did rather like the mix of Hilton and Richie so I am going to miss them. Stewart and Hilton may be a good match but we\'ll see...Maybe if the producers forced both Hilton and Richie to do one more season they\'ll make up? Who knows? It\'s Hollywood afterall.
  • hilarious...

    nicole is hilarious! she is gorgeous, funny and totally makes the simple life, and without her it would be utter crap. ever since nicole lost all her weight, she looks so much happier,not better, but happier, she looks fantastic all the time. i\'m really happy she was adopted by lionel richie, she deserves a good life. she is so funny, and i really hope her marriage with dj am will be for life, coz they look so in love! bring on simple life 4...i cant wait to see her wedding frock. and i wonder who will be her bridesmaids?!!!

    nicole, you are so funny... luvs it!
  • Maybe Nicole isnt what we call a "star" but come on. She is one of the coolest girls ever!

    Maybe Nicole isnt what we call a "star" but come on. She is one of the coolest girls ever! She beats Paris ANYtime, Paris is SO fake and i dont think that she is beautiful at all! But Nicole is herself and that makes her Beautiful both on the outside and the inside! And she is funny!! Really i love her humor! You go girl! ;)
  • Nicole Ritchie is OK girl

    Nicole is a nice girl. In Simple Life she's Ok. Nicole has a long time boyfriend. Her frendship with Paris is not soo good, but ok. She could be an actress, she's good in that. She had a hard childhood becouse her father wasn't around. I think she's definitly smarter than Paris Hilton.
  • Well sure their both gorgeous but you all have to admit that Nicole Richie should definitely stay. Without Nicole...

    Nicole Richie. Paris Hilton. Put them together and we have one of the bests shows ever. But take them apart you get splat. I\'m sure Nicole could make it on her own in a tv show but you all have to agree, Paris will never make it on her own. Without Nicole, Paris and \'The Simple Life\', well lets just say Im not watching the simply life any more. Sure their both gorgeous and all but you have to admit that Nicole Richie should stay. Without Nicole we have a ditsy blond in skimpy clothing saying overused sayings. Without Nicole, there is no simply life. Without Nicole there is Paris and Kimberly trying to get over losing Nicole and trying to be funny again on the simply life but in order for paris to be funny she needs Nicole.
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