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Coming from a family with a military background, it wasn't much of a stretch for Nicole Steinwedell to portray, as her first major television role, Army warrant officer Bridget "Red Cap" Sullivan on the CBS action drama The Unit. Her parents, who are both enlisted in the Marine…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When she was working on The Unit, Nicole would often call her parents, whom she considered her "technical advisers", when she had questions about her scripts.

    • When CBS hired Steinwedell for The Unit's fourth season and gave some importance to her character on the show, it was a move to draw an increased female audience.

    • For her role as Bridget Sullivan, a linguistics expert on The Unit, Nicole underwent language coaching apart from the weapons training she was given.

    • Steinwedell attended the Atlantic Acting School in New York City. After one of her performances in a school production, Nicole received praise from The Unit show creator David Mamet.

    • Both her parents served with the Marine Corps, with her mom, Barbara, having a higher rank than her dad, Bill. Nicole's grandfather was also a colonel in the Army. She is the oldest among five siblings.

    • Nicole is 5' 11" (1.80 m) tall. She has blonde hair.

    • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits:
      A Single Man (2009) as Doris
      He's Just Not That Into You (2009) as 'No Spark' Girl
      Crazy (2007) as Girl from Byrd's room
      Escape (2006) as S&M Blonde

    • Nicole is an endorser of the All-Natural Shakes from Body 360 Nutritionals.

    • Prior to working with David Mamet on The Unit, Nicole used to be his daughter's Math tutor. Steinwedell didn't know then that one of her idols is the father of her student.

  • Quotes

    • Nicole: (about joining the well-established cast of "The Unit") The biggest challenge of playing Bridget is letting my own insecurities get in the way. Feeling free enough to do a good job.

    • Nicole: When I was young I always felt like an outsider. I wanted to act since I was in high school because you could be an individual. I was looking for my voice and I found it in acting.

    • Nicole: (advice to young actors) 'For anyone on the downside of advantage and relying purely on courage, it's possible.' You need nothing else but your tenacity.

    • Nicole: (on working with Joshua Jackson) It was so great because he's super-tall. I'm 5' 11", so I didn't feel like I had to crouch down and be petite. I could stand up next to him and flirt to my heart's content!

    • Nicole: (upon learning that the father of one of her students is David Mamet) I was floored. Here I'd been dispensing all that wisdom about acting and the business, while her dad is a staple in the performing arts, a living legend!

    • Nicole: (about her guest appearance on "Dawson's Creek") That was my first job in Hollywood and I had watched Dawson's Creek in high school, so it was sort of surreal. Joshua [Jackson] was incredibly sweet to me, and very helpful one educating me on how to work with things. I was so new, it was ridiculous -- I was such a dork!

    • Nicole: (about her work on "The Unit") It was really cool to watch. It was good to see that your fight or flight kicks in and you just do your job and get it done. And that's why I think they end up letting her stay, just like myself, it's just proving as she goes that she's able to hack it. And it doesn't mean that she's not going to falter and it doesn't mean that she's not new. But it means that she's gonna end up proving her worth.

    • Nicole: (comparing herself to her character on "The Unit") I think Red Cap is way more advanced than I am; I think I still struggle sometimes being a girl in Hollywood... she's much more able to view the feminine aspect of herself as a great weapon that can be used to wield power over bad guys.

    • Nicole: I would definitely want to be heroic, and a leader with a voice as a human being, more than like a pretty, pretty princess. Although I do want to be a pretty princess. I know that it's too short lived for an actress to just be that.

    • Nicole: (about her role on "The Unit") The writers named my character Bridget because she's going to be a 'bridge' between the men and the women. So I'm lucky, I get to act with the guys and the girls.