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  • Funny gal

    I enjoyed watching her on the King of Queens... she has a lot of wacky ways of making you laugh till your stomach hurts... great!
  • One of the funniest cast members to breakout of mad tv

    Nicole is one of the more talented actors from mad tv.. No one comes close to her talent.. She need's her own tv series where she can show her full potential.. My favorite character's that she played are The Vancome Lady and Antonia. By far the best.. Maybe one day she will decide to come back to the show.. She has appeared in numerous shows and did voices for cartoons. Only a mere glimpse at her talent.. She is truly known as the "Queen Of Mad Tv"... Than you for making us laugh over the years you were there..
  • Nicole Sullivan rocks!

    She practically came out of no where and became an overnight success on MadTV with her character of Shelia Wajimblonsky, better known as the Vancome Lady. Beautiful, funny and talented, Nicole Sullivan is a master of comedy; there has been no other co-star close to her and there may never be. She's starred on two failed TV Shows, but yet has found limited success hidden away as a voice on cartoons like Kim Possible where only a trace of her natural maniac energy comes through. She really needs her own series where she's not stuck in a co-starring role.
  • We mostly know of her voice work

    Although we recognize Ms. Sullivan's face from other roles, it is her voice talent which we have experienced the most.

    First as Mira Nova on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. We really enjoyed her ability to put Buzz into his place from time to time.

    Next, as Shego on Kim Possible. Ms. Sullivan's brought so much life to the character that although she was supposed to be the bad guy you couldn't help but like her and her no-nonsense approach to things.

    As a new season of Kim Possible has been green-lighted, we look forward to more biting banter and kick-butt action from our favorite villain.

    Additionally, we look forward to any other new work Ms. Sullivan has in the future as her talents and wit certainly warrant more exposure.
  • The only Reason why I watch "Mad TV" and "King of Queens"!

    I love Nicole, she's funny and pretty. I love hearing her voice in "Kim Possible", and seeing her on "Mad TV". I started watching "Baby Blues" cuase of her. I have seen the Sierra Mist Commercials, and it makes me crave for them. She should start up anouther show soon, so she wont let her fans down!
  • Nicole Sullivan needs more recognition. She does an awesome job on Disney's Kim Possible and she

    Nicole Sullivan needs more recognition. She does an awesome job on Disney's Kim Possible and she is great on Hot Properties, which shouldn't be cancelled. Thankfully Nicole will be able to work on Kim Possible again as it's been renewed. Let's hope Nicole can get on some non-cancelled shows.