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Nicole Whippy

Nicole Whippy


9/23/1979, New Zealand

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Nicole Whippy


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Nicole is a New Zealand actress best known for her role of Kasey on Outrageous Fortune.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In December of 2008, it was announced that Nicole and her partner Tom were expecting a child. They had just made the decision to try and become pregnant, and were successful on the first try.

    • Nicole says that her family's Christmas tradition is to have a cook-off between two members of her extended family each night that they are all together.

    • Nicole is passionate about animal welfare and is involved in a number of charity projects to raise awareness for the cause. She supports the SPCA, and has attended their charity events as a celebrity guest. She also has a dog of her own named Poppy.

    • Not just an actress, Nicole also works at an agency in Auckland that represents film crews.

    • In 2007, after finishing filming the third season of Outrageous Fortune where she plays recurring character Kasey, Nicole traveled to India for an extended holiday with friends.

    • Nicole has done commercials for KFC (Wicked Wing's Meal), Mizone Active water, and Macleans mouthwash, among others.

    • Nicole enjoys dancing, and can do so in both Modern and Hip Hop styles.

    • Nicole has appeared in several short films, including The Aqua Blacks (2004), D.O.T. Matrix (2000), and Security (2000).

    • One of the highlights of Nicole's career to this point is being asked to be a presenter at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • In 1999, Nicole earned a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from the UNITEC New Zealand Drama School as an Acting Major. She has also continued her education in her field with courses in "Camera Technique" (2007, Vicky Yinatsous), "The Meisner Technique" (2005, Michael Saccente), "Advanced USA Accent Training" (2003, Rowena Balos) and "Audition Workshop Technique and Masters" (2003, Terri De'Ath).

    • Nicole is of mixed New Zealand and Fijian descent. She is part Polynesian, part European, and can trace her family's heritage back to David Whippy, an American seaman who came to Fiji in 1824 and became one of the town of Levuka's leading citizens. The Whippy family in Fiji has since grown to number more than 13,800 members.

    • Nicole is 5'3 3/4", with black hair and brown eyes.

    • Nicole's theatre credits include:
      (2000) La Traviata, "Black Follies", dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (2000) Life's Carousel, "The Party", UNITEC Productions, dir. Vadim Ledogorov
      (2000) Our Country's Good, "Duckling Smith", UNITEC Productions, dir. Larry Rew
      (1999) End of the Golden Weather, "Amy", UNITEC Productions, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1999) King Arthur, "Dame Brisen", UNITEC Produtions, dir. Murray Hutchison
      (1999) MacBeth, "Lady MacBeth", UNITEC Productions, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1999) Our Town, "Mrs Soames", UNITEC Productions, dir. Vadim Ledogorov
      (1999) The Wasps, "Prooleon", UNITEC Productions, dir. W Farrimond

    • Nicole is athletic, and enjoys netball, basketball and swimming. She can do basic horseback riding and has done some stunt fighting.

    • Besides her native English with a New Zealand accent, Nicole can speak basic Spanish and do Australian and American accents.

    • In 2000, Nicole was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series for Jackson's Wharf at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • Nicole is represented professionally by the Johnson & Laird Management company as both an actress and a voice artist.

  • Quotes

    • Nicole: (comparing herself to her character on "Nothing Trivial") [Like Michelle] I can be pretty ballsy when I need to be and I think a lot of people would probably say that I have a bit of an attitude too! With any character that you play, you actually share a lot more similarities than you actually think you do. Michelle is all about empowering women, she loves women and while she's not hopping on the 'anti-men train', her mantra is "you're a great woman, get out there and be who you are". I think I'm like that with my friends and the people around me.

    • Nicole: (about some intimate scenes with a female co-star on "Outrageous Fortune") Are you kidding?! Getting to do a sex scene with Siobhan Marshall (Pascalle) in season 3 was like winning the Jackpot.

    • Nicole: I'm just starting to stop getting the little girl roles, and start getting to play women, and really enjoying it. It's great playing a character with depth and life experience.

    • Nicole: (on her audition for "Orange Roughies") A girlfriend of mine told me about her audition for Donna, with this great plate throwing scene; I was so envious! Then I found out the next week I did have an audition and just threw myself into it. You don't get roles like this often, they rarely come along.

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