Nicollette Sheridan

Nicollette Sheridan


11/21/1963, Worthing, Sussex, England

Birth Name

Colette Sheridan


  • Nicollette Sheridan stars as Edie Britt ...
  • Nicollette Sheridan stars as Edie Britt ...
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Nicollette Sheridan has won a worldwide audience with her past television and film roles. She recently wrapped production of her latest project - independent comedy Jewtopia based on the famous play, it premieres in April 2012.

She exploded on the small screen with her Golden Globe-nominated role of "Edie…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Nicollette Sheridan shot a pilot presentation for CBS in 2010 titled 'Lee Mathers'. She played an outrageous actress Lori Mays whose former British lover accidentally bumps into her while looking for his famous daughter in Los Angeles.

    • Nicolette suffered, in 2005, from a bout of the flu after she jumped into her cold swimming pool naked to save her dog.

    • Nicolette impressed her former fiance, Niklas Soderblom, during their first meeting. In fact she saved him from a great white shark which was edging towards him.

    • Nicolette's mother is the English actress Sally Sheridan.

    • Nicolerre has a half brother. His name is Nick Savalas.

    • Nicollette was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award along with her Desperate Housewives castmates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

    • Nicollette is a vegetarian and she believes that any life, big or small, deserves the right to live.

    • Nicolette shares a birthday with Jena Malone, Björk, Goldie Hawn, Rachel Rogers and Juliet Mills.

    • Depsite popular belief, Nicolette is not the granddaughter of the British actress Dinah Sheridan. They are not related.

    • In 2007, Nicollette is lending her voice to animated characters in the family adventure Fly me to the Moon.

    • In November 2006, Nicollette was honored with a Celebrity Best Friend Award for her commitment to the protection of animals. Nicollette received her award from the charitable organization, Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles

    • In her spare time, Nicollette loves playing volleyball, riding her motorcycle, and skiing.

    • Nicollette's former manager is suing her for breaking an agreement to pay a percentage of her income. The suit seeks more than $500,000 in damages.(June 2006)

    • Nicollette sings a duet with fiancé Michael Bolton on his new album, Bolton Swings Sinatra. The song they team up for is aptly titled The Second Time Around.

    • For Valentines Day, Nicholette was one of the Pussy Cat Dolls at a Vegas nightclub.(2005)

    • In 1990, Nicollette was voted one of People magazines 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

    • Nicollette is 5 foot 7½ inches tall.

    • Nicollette was nominated for a 2005 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives.

    • For her role on Knots Landing, Nicollette also won the Outstanding Heroine: Prime Time category in 1991.

    • Nicollette received Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role on Knots Landing.

    • Nicollette told Maxim magazine that during the summer the poolside was her office. "I can lie out naked and get a good tan and read a good book."

    • Nicollette's father has never been identified.

    • Nicollette had one of the most controversial appearances on a teaser spot for Monday Night Football. She entered the locker room and dropped her towel in front Terrell Owens.

    • Nicollette made her small screen debut in 1984, in the short-lived television series Paper Dolls.

    • Nicollette earns $250,000 per episode of Desperate Housewives.

    • Nicollette met Leif Garrett when she was only 15. She lived with him under his mothers roof when she was a minor. Their relationship lasted 6 years.

    • Nicollette and Michael Bolton got engaged in March on 2006. They have dated on and off for many years. They were engaged once before in the mid 90's

    • Nicollette speaks Greek. She is in fact of Greek descent.

    • Nicollette has been riding horses since she was only three years old.

    • Nicollette has a golden retriever named Oliver.

    • Nicollette and Niklas Soderblom announced their engagement in January of 2004. They broke up on October 27, 2005.

    • Measurements: 34B-24-35

    • Nicollette auditioned for the part of Grace Adler in Will & Grace, but lost out to Debra Messing at the final audition.

    • Nicollette has only one ear pierced, so she often wears clip earrings.

    • Nicollette was named the Worst Dressed Celebrity in 2004 by fashion critic Mr. Blackwell.

    • Nicollette married Harry Hamlin on September 7, 1991. They filed for divorce in 1993.

    • Nicollette originally auditioned for the role of Bree Van De Camp on Desperate Housewives but landed the part of Edie instead.

    • Nicollette appears on the August 2005 issue of Show Circuit Magazine, which covers the hunter and jumper horse shows coast to coast in the U.S.A. She says, "I've been on horses since I was a very little girl."

  • Quotes

    • Nicollette: I think I've been very lucky. A lot of this business is being in the right place at the right time with the right thing.

    • Nicollette (on Telly Savalas; her step-father): He was officially my stepfather, but I always thought of him as my daddy.

    • Nicollette: I grew up feeling like the ugly duckling, and things have not changed that much. For some reason, Hollywood seems to have painted me as a gorgeous vixen at times or the sweet girl. I don't get it.

    • Nicollette (On Towelgate): It was amazing that for two weeks it was on CNN and all the news channels. If this was something they were upset by, why play it over and over?

    • Nicollette (On season three of Desperate Housewives): It is wonderful to have the resident bad boy reside in Edie's house. Luckily, he is somewhat safe because he is my nephew. Edie could probably learn a trick a two from him. I'm sure he will be getting his fingers into all sorts of naughtiness on Wisteria Lane.

    • Nicollette: My favorite episode for Edie is when she smells the wire on Susan and chases her down in the park and ends up with bee stings all over her and in the hospital looking extremely attractive. It's wonderful not having to look glamorous.

  • ... charming, sweet, beautiful, talented and extremely underrated.

    I dont get it. She has exactly what the actress in Hollywood need. Talent, beauty, gorgeous body, nice hair. I have never seen Knots Landing, but I found a few videos with her on it. She was so young and innocent :) then she did mostly tv movies, Ive seen a few of them like Virus in which she appeared with her KL co-star William Devane (they had great chemistry), Dead Husbands, Raw Nerve, The Spiral Staircase, .com for Murder, Havent We Met Before, Deadly Betrayal and Deadly Visions. She was so underrated on big screen. And then "Desperate Housewives" came in play. And Nicollette (thank god!) revived her career again as b*tchy shallow Edie Britt. I hope she gets more screentime this season. We love ya!moreless
  • Nicollette Sheridan is very much under rated for her multipe performances on the show.

    Nicollette Sheridan is fantastic on the show. She can go from playing Edie Britt as a gentle, sweet, loving person. To a cutting, devious, back staber with no problems playing that part. There are very few actress that I no that can do that with such grace. I feel she should even be part of the opening were they show all the womens pictures. I can't understand why she's not there. Only her name in the opening credits. She is a very, very, big part of that show. She also should have a bigger part in playing Edie Britt. If you let her go that would be ther biggest mistake Desperate Housewives would make. You will never find another talented actress to play that part as great as she does. Finally in my closing. I love watching the show every Sunday. With out her I would be bored with only watching the other charaters. It's always the samething with them. With Edie she brings alot of laughter & more talent. It would not be the same.moreless