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  • Funny as hell.

    Love her. Great person.
  • Niecy is the show. There have been so many changes in personnel since the show aired ,leaving everyone hanging as to what is happening does not help with the ratings - viewer loyalty only will go so far.

    could the fact that neicy was busy doing "other" stuff be why she was not on clean house - speak up and tell us so we can be looking for her on other stuff - to just let us think she has been replaced for some unknown reason serves no purpose other than to turn people off to watching the show - remember there are alot of other shows out there to watch and viewer loyalty will only go so far. on a personal note - having viewed all the gallery photos - neicy keep the tush covered up - you are a very attractive well dressed woman - but some areas do not need to be displayed - especially the bathing suit shots - i have the same "chubby" areas and no amount of money is going to make me uncover them for all to see - keep up with the "classy" outfits instead.
  • I Honestly Need Your Help

    My Name is Mrs.Geraldine Webb and I was diagnoise with severe Rheumatory Arthritis, My husband has a pacemaker, and grandchildren have ashma, I have been down over 10 years with alot of pain, I have had two knee replacements, the right one is not doing as good as the left one which was done first, I really want a clean house and have not been able to get it all done as I want it to be. I really need help and as I watch your show and am a fan of Niecy Nash, I honestly love all you guys that are on CLEAN HOUSE, One of my grandsons live here and the 14teen year old will be moving back but his room is not in great shape to sleep in, I just last week finished phyical therapy again cause insurance wont continuel paying anymore which was for the right knee. I don't know if I would quaify for your program, but I really need help.
  • I love this show!!! Niecy Nash has got it going on!! I have dealt with people with addictions and compulsive behaviors and she hits the emotional barriers head on.

    I love the show....I have picked up some great tips. I am glad to say I have a clutter problem but mine is the mail on the kitchen bar...... I was fortunate in growing up in a large family in a small home so we were always recycling and handing down.... I learned many, many valuable life lessons from that up bringing. Do you reuse any of the home furnishings that are in the home? How do you ever get all the stuff out of the homes and organized for the yard sale within a reasonable amount of time? whew...I am watching the Ohio Detective with the worst "home in the country" and the college daughter...........YOU GO NIECY!!!!
  • Niecy For President!

    I have never written a review about a tv show before. I hardly watch television . BUT....I find myself going in and sitting watching every episode of clean house because I enjoy it so much. I just love the all of them..They give me hours of pleasure and I am always amazed at the transformation. I hope they have many more episodes. I nominate them all for a raise after seeing some of the disasters they had to clean up. Niecy is so cute with her little flowers. Mark is just an amazing designer...What can I say!... They allllll rock!
  • Love to watch and hope it will inspire me and the girls. :)

    God knows I wish they would come to PA and clean my house!!!! We are not as deep as the homes on the show. But could use the help!! We have tons of stuff and I cant let it go or am to tired to fight about it any more. I can relate to the people on the show and my oldest daughter was shocked at some of the homes and how beautiful the potential is. I wash there was some thing in the North East as great as this.

    The show is Great!!!

    Widowed mom with 3 daughters...and only the 2 yr old picks up after
  • Niecy is utter genius!

    Like Niecy, her attractive and charismatic crew brings added humor and charm to the show (without upstaging Niecy, and always showing her the respect she deserves....afterall, she's "the boss". Original team member Mark is so talented and creative. This charismatic team gives us the impression that they really have so much fun together! while getting the job done! And wow, do they ever get it done! I watch little TV, but I'm addicted to this show. Keep up the good work Niecy and crew! I hope this show expands to include contestants that are countrywide instead of staying locally in LA. I'd like to see the makeover budget increased as well. By the way, I rate all 4 - Niecy, Mark, Matt & Trish a Big 10!