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  • Niecy is the show. There have been so many changes in personnel since the show aired ,leaving everyone hanging as to what is happening does not help with the ratings - viewer loyalty only will go so far.

    could the fact that neicy was busy doing "other" stuff be why she was not on clean house - speak up and tell us so we can be looking for her on other stuff - to just let us think she has been replaced for some unknown reason serves no purpose other than to turn people off to watching the show - remember there are alot of other shows out there to watch and viewer loyalty will only go so far. on a personal note - having viewed all the gallery photos - neicy keep the tush covered up - you are a very attractive well dressed woman - but some areas do not need to be displayed - especially the bathing suit shots - i have the same "chubby" areas and no amount of money is going to make me uncover them for all to see - keep up with the "classy" outfits instead.