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  • I Honestly Need Your Help

    My Name is Mrs.Geraldine Webb and I was diagnoise with severe Rheumatory Arthritis, My husband has a pacemaker, and grandchildren have ashma, I have been down over 10 years with alot of pain, I have had two knee replacements, the right one is not doing as good as the left one which was done first, I really want a clean house and have not been able to get it all done as I want it to be. I really need help and as I watch your show and am a fan of Niecy Nash, I honestly love all you guys that are on CLEAN HOUSE, One of my grandsons live here and the 14teen year old will be moving back but his room is not in great shape to sleep in, I just last week finished phyical therapy again cause insurance wont continuel paying anymore which was for the right knee. I don't know if I would quaify for your program, but I really need help.