Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker


London, England, UK

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Barker was born in London and educated in the English countryside. His introduction to the fashion industry was in the mid 1980s when he appeared on "The Clothes Show," a televised model search in England. This launched his successful modeling career, which took him all over the world…more


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  • i tuned in to the second cycle of antm i enjoyed watching all the cycles cause nigel was an honest judge on the panel

    hello world my name is cynthia and the first time that i saw mr. nigel barker on tv i thought to myself there goes a fine man he's got it made taking pictures of beautiful women in the world he can take my picture any day nigel is doing a great job on the hit show antm he's blunt and straight to the point to the aspiring models
  • Nigel Barker is a noted fashion photographer on the hit show America\'s Next Top Model. He is also a photographer, who has taken brilliant photos. Apparently, he was also a model...that\'s news.moreless

    Nigel Barker is really cool guy. He is the judge on America\'s Next Top Model, with the most reasonable opinions. Personally, slowly and surely, he is becoming outspoken without being brash. When I look at the judges, I\'d value what Nigel has to say most.

    Nigel also has taken some amazing photographs. Looking on his stellar ad campaigns and magazine cover he has photographed. I would wish to be half that good with a camera, but maybe I should model a bit first.

    Overall, a stellar judge and photographer.moreless