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  • Stop hating on the men in the

    You are the producer and one of the judges, why is it that your so damn hard on the guys in the competition. But the women you always talk about there looks, how sexy they are, it's about the dance. The guys make the women look good, lifting them, swinging them, i mean come on, where is the love for the guys in the competition. I am a big fan, but I've been really disappointed in your judging and Mary's, please put more dance experts on your show! This is a dance competition!
  • What Nigel says, goes!

    Nigel Lythgoe is a judge (and executive producer) on So You Think You Can Dance, and this review is based on his appearance there.

    It seems to me that Nigel is filling the required "Simon Cowell" spot as a judge in a reality/talent show. I don't know why this is necessary... except that it is. Someone has to be realistic and a little nasty. Not everyone can do that; Simon certainly can, and so can Nigel.

    I don't mean that as a bad thing, either. It's good. Someone has to be realistic after all the gushing is over, and Nigel does that well. He's not as nasty as Simon is either, which is good, but he's honest, and tells the dancers what he thinks. He's usually nice about it, but sometimes can be abrupt and to the point. But that's needed, so that's good.

    And he can be nice too... this season (2006), one of the contestants hurt herself in Las Vegas, and had to drop out of the competition. Nigel told her that she could come back next year and skip the initial auditions, and just pick up where she left off. He didn't have to do that at all... he could have just said, 'oh, well, that's the dancing world for you... you get injured and you lose out! Bye bye!' But he didn't do that; he was kind to her and gave her another chance to try again after she's better.

    Overall, I like Nigel for his honesty. He's a good judge and should be on more shows!
  • I am so dissapointed with last weeks results show. I just got back from vacation today and watched to find that the judges kept Comfort over Kourtni Lind.

    Keeping Comfort over Kourtni was a terrible decision and I am still stunned after watching the show. Kourtni's solo performance was excellent - much better than Comfort. Her expression and her lines over the past weeks has been so much better. The judges got it wrong. Comfort is not as good a dancer as Kourtni and now I can not see her anymore. Comfort does not make me want to turn on the show but Kourtni did. Watching this result show was not fun for me. It is upsetting to me when the better dance is let go. I will not be as excited to watch this week. I am just unhappilly stunned with the result. What was anyone thinking????? The judges did not do their job.