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  • I am so dissapointed with last weeks results show. I just got back from vacation today and watched to find that the judges kept Comfort over Kourtni Lind.

    Keeping Comfort over Kourtni was a terrible decision and I am still stunned after watching the show. Kourtni's solo performance was excellent - much better than Comfort. Her expression and her lines over the past weeks has been so much better. The judges got it wrong. Comfort is not as good a dancer as Kourtni and now I can not see her anymore. Comfort does not make me want to turn on the show but Kourtni did. Watching this result show was not fun for me. It is upsetting to me when the better dance is let go. I will not be as excited to watch this week. I am just unhappilly stunned with the result. What was anyone thinking????? The judges did not do their job.