Nik Pace

Nik Pace


8/24/1984, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

Erika Pace



Also Known As

"Nik", Erika Pace, Nik Pace
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Well she was born on Milwaukee, Wisconsin but according to top model she was from Atlanta, Georgia because she moved when she was in her Junior Year. Before she went to Georgia, Nik attended Bradley Tech High School. She auditioned in top model and came in second!


Trivia and Quotes

  • nik is one of the alll time best of antm i have no idea why she did not win, instead of nicole :p

    call me crazy but i thinik that nik pace is the most beautyfull girl in top model history she has pretty eyes skin color and her big eyes, nose, and lips make her so diffrent and exotic. she shoul have wonfive instead fo nicole i mean nicole looks like she hasnt even hit piuberdy lol sorry but iam just being honest i havent seen her anywere, no magazines, no events, nowere. yet nik pace has been everywere you can think of partys event movie premires. i guess ppl made there choice who the real top model of cycle5 is!!!!!!!! you go niik keep duing wut your duing nik!!moreless
  • She's fierce and I like her name and to say it again and again!!!!!!!!

    She's fierce and I like her name and to say it again and again!!!!!!!! Well I wish she could've won! I thought Bre would take her over which would be quite disappointing but at least she took over her and I don't like her having one angle she must try other angles!!!!!!!! But I still love you Nik!

    Nik nik nik ninik nik nik nikatopmodel