Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame


1/1/1982, Middlesex, England

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Nikki first appeared as a housemate for Big Brother 7 in 2006. She likes nothing better to do than pamper herself and club the night away. She survives on a diet of tabloid papers, burgers and pizza. She also has a straight-talking approach to dealing with people and…more


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  • Extremely overrated!

    OK,Nikki Grahame started out as a Housemate in Big Brother 7 which started her career leading to her new shows Princess Nikki seriously this person is overrated! she cried like a big baby in the Big Brother house and yet people like her.How can people like her? She is so immature and needs to grow up i can't believe Pete ACTUALLY had a relationship with her but thank god he broke up with her in the end but still this person is not talented if she were more mature i'd like her but if she can't stand the stuff they do to her on Big Brother why the hell did she go in the first place? She is not talented and she's not funny she is what you call immature childish and stupid and to Nikki:Grow up! You are 24 not some 5 year old preschooler i'm glad i don't have to hear from this person again i'm sorry but this woman is immature and childish and is the reason why she is overrated!moreless
  • She's hirlarious and funny, I watch it on my computer, and sometimes I watch her all the time.

    I got that show of her from some internet and after she got evicted later on, I saw her best bits and I now learned that she is VERY funny. My favorite bits are "I'm so cooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllld" and "I can't get my MP3 Player to woork." Then several days later she got sent back in by 63% of the vote because everyone liked her. After she came fifth on the show she now runs her own show called Princess Nikki. I really really love her.moreless