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  • Deserves better...

    I really came to like the character of John Amsterdam on the short lived FOX drama of 2008, New Amsterdam. I was really disappointed in FOX that they did not give the show or its stars, the publicity or time slot they deserved. And so the series died out and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau went away...
    And then there was a spark of life...FOX was going to right by its hope for 2008, much like CBS did for Alex O'Laughlin, and give him a shot at another series this year. And so "Virtuality" was born ...sort of. And the pilot was scheduled into the FOX line up ...sort of. And it seems, last I heard, to have been shafted even worse than New Amsterdam was, and slotted into the Friday (June 26, 2009) death slot where all bastard children go to die.
    I would love to see Nikolaj and this pilot overwhelm the time slot, and then FOX could/would of course, take credit for knowing all along what great potential this young actor has to shine for himself and of course, keep them at the forefront of imaginative programming...
    But that's just science fiction...
  • good actor

    I've only seen Nikolaj in New Amsterdam so that's all I'm rating him on. When I first saw him in the commercials I was expecting some second-rate actor that got the part just because of his looks, but he actually has a lot of talent. He plays the part of John Amsterdam very well. I was surprised that he didn't have that much of an accent because he's Danish, but maybe he hid it with his good acting, who knows. It is a plus that he is gorgeous! I hope to continue to see him in New Amsterdam and more movies. Great actor!