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    • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: (talking about the differences between working for Hollywood and Europe) Well, of course the budget for once. It's a big difference: You have to construct everything. You have to build everything yourself. In Hollywood, a film like this would take 70 days. But the story would have been black and white. In a Hollywood-movie there wouldn't be a character like mine: he's an executioner and kills a good guy. It was his friend, but nonetheless he has to kill him. A typical Hollywood actor wouldn't dare tackling such a role. He'd say 'I can't do this, I can't stand by this character.' That's the interesting thing which hopefully makes us think about our own lives. There are things in life which are not black or white, but gray. We don't want to do them, but we have to. We grow up, we have kids - suddenly life changes. That's exactly what happens with Martin: all of sudden he has a family. He has to feed them and the only job he gets is that of the executioner. He has to do it or his kids would starve. Of course this is a critical issue: How far you can act against your own principles.