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Nina Conti, daughter of famous actor Tom Conti, is an English actress, comedian and ventriloquist. She's usually seen with her trademark stage sidekick 'Monk'; a depressed, egocentric, sex mad monkey puppet with a bizarre attraction to pint glasses. For her comedy act, seen on stage and in many…more


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  • a lot of her act's are the same it seems but watch close because I think she's just having a hard time getting started,nobody want's to give her a chance.I wish her the best,and can't wait till the next show!moreless

    I hope to meet her some day,it's great to see people that makes there dreams come true.and I hope that she never stops trying.I've seen most of her show's on you I look forward to some day seeing her in person.the monkey is great,I love the voice,and you can tell nina's been doing this for a never see her lips move.but it's the personality she puts in the monkey that just make's you want to keep watching!I just wish she had her own web site,I looked and couldn't find one.I just pray that she never give's up.It's hard to make it in hollywood.but I think she has the staying power to see the hard times thru!moreless