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  • Talk about a good actress!

    Nina Dobrev is an AMAZING actress!!! She is so good in The Vampire Diaries !!!!!

    Elena and Katherine are completely different people! And sometimes i forget that it is the same actress!
  • One of the best!

    Nina Dobrev never fails to amaze me. I've seen a lot of movies that she has a part on, and she looks incredible in all of them. She overcomes herself in Vampire Diaries every single episode, and in early seasons, she was able to make me believe Katherine and Elena wasn't played by the same person. Now, in season four, she continues to show how she's good at her job, how she can sunk into the character and never look back. Her emotions are made mine through the screen. Also, she's a great person (as seen on twitter and interviews), kind, nice to fans and really, really down to earth.
  • Nina Dobrev is a very aspiring actress! I love her ability to become another character so quickly


    Nina is an awesome actress because she picks up characters so quickly. Especially in Vampire Diaries where she plays two characters, it has to be hard for her to juggle the 2 different sides of Elena one moment and Katherine the next. I am amazed by how she can become a different character so quickly. It just amazes me that she is so good at switching moods between each character. She is also very pretty. I had read somewhere online that fans were upset because they wanted Elena to be blonde but honestly, I can't see her as ever being a blonde. I love her brown/brunette hair color. Perfect for the show!!! She is really sweet offscreen too. I have watched about 80 interviews of her on youtube and she has such a sweet, forgiving personality. I also love her laugh. It's the best!!

    Go Nina!!!

  • Not that good of an actress...

    Now Nina Dobrev may be gorgeous, and I have only seen her on Degrassi so it's kind of hard to judge her, but from what I've seen she is not a very good actress. She seems to in ways overact. I really like her character and the story behind her, but she does not make it seem real.
  • What a great actress......

    I have only seen Nina Dobrev in the couple of episodes that she has been in for Dagrassi but from what I see she is a great actress. I will agree that she can over act in some seens but in most of the episodes she is in she is such a good acter and I would love to see some of the other things she is in.
  • Nina Dobrev aka Mia Jones (DEGRASSI!!!)

    Like most of our recent Canadian Actors or artists, Nina played in the hit tv series "Degrassi"(Mia Jones). Didnt have much of a role in the beginning but as the series continues she became one of the lead roles on the show. Her smile catches the eye of many viewers as well as her sync with whatever character she plays. It'll be interesting to see how much she has progresed since then. Personally she was one of my favorite characters going through teenage pregnancy and her rise to popularity in such a huge school. Can't wait until The vampire Diaries airs to get a close look at the New Nina Dobrev.
  • What an amazing actress! Nina Dobrev has really grown into a talented actress!

    at first when i started watching the Vampire diaries i was worried because i didnt like nina being casted for elena and i though she was still, but wow! I was wrong! Throughout the show Nina has really grown and when she plays Katherine she is a total bad ass and just nails it, then she goes from being evil to being totally emotional and naive! all i can say is it takes talent to handle playing two characters on a show while maintaining decent acting. Overall she has really grown as an actress and i honestly am a fan of her now! good job Nina!