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  • Trivia

    • Nine Inch Nails covered Queen's 1977 song 'Get Down, Make Love'. The cover has a much faster tempo, as well as including sound clips of adult film actress Jenna Jameson and also from a self-help psychology video.

    • Nine Inch Nails is #43 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artist of Hard Rock.

    • Trent Reznor is a direct descendant of George Reznor, the founder of the Reznor Company in 1888. Reznor Company previously manufacturered Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning equipment, before being sold in the sixties. The equipment is still manufactured in Mercer, Pennsylvania, the town where Trent grew up.

    • Trent's former band mate Richard Patrick is now frontman for alternative rock Band Filter.

    • Trent's former bandmate Chris Vrenna left NIN to form the electronic one man band Tweaker.

    • Trent has two dogs, a Labrador that he calls Ethyl, and a Weirmaraner named Daisy May.

    • Trent has a project band, called TapeWorm.

    • Trent's nickname is Stimpy.

    • Trent has been listening to country greats: Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash on his IPod and MP3 player as he walks his dog around town. The music makes him appreciate simplicity and directness.

    • Trent returned to machines to record 1999's 'The Fragile'. Everything at this point could be composed on computer.

    • After deciding to use more instrument driven material, Trent rented a beach house in Big Sur, and began writing songs at a Grand Piano. He decided that the results sucked."Once I started sounding like Willie Nelson, I have to get back to the computer".

    • After Trent abandoned the Exotic Birds, he found a job at Bart Koster's 'Right Track' recording studio, where he began to work out demos for a solo project, adopting the name Nine Inch Nails.

    • Trent signed with the Exotic Birds in 1986, bringing Chris Vrenna along to replace the founding drummer Tom Freer. After contributing keyboards and vocals on L'Oiseau, both men left the lineup in 1988.

    • Trent dropped out after a year in college and moved to Clevland with school friend Chris Vrenna. He joined the rock group The Innocent. He quit after contributing keyboards, and went in search of a more promising band.

    • During his education at Alleghany College in Meadville, Trent assumed keyboard and vocal duties for the 'New Wave' act Optin 30. The band never release any recordings, but a demo tape that includes covers of songs by: Icehouse, The Thompson Twins, & Falco was released in 1993, and eventually released by the 'Shriek' label in 1997.

    • Trent maintains that his music is the most personal gift he can offer the world. A true glimpse of his soul. Critics and skeptics dismiss it as a savvy marketing aimed at milking adolescent angst.

    • Trent uses the alias Poop Sniffer when playing video games.

    • Amongst other problems, Manson cited the following about Trent: He is voyeuristic, manipulative, and has a taste for "shitty women".

    • While on stage in Columbus, Ohio, his dog Maise fell from the third floor balcony of the venue, killing her.

    • When Trent was recording 'Broken', the software that he was using was so unreliable, that when he would came back the night after recording, he'd find the computer spitting out undistinguishable sounds. Instead of re-recording, he decided to leave the weird input in, to capture the spontaniety of the strange new collaberation.

    • In early 2006, NIN released the 3rd single from With Teeth. 'Every Day Is Exactly The Same' reached #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Singles Chart.

    • Dave Grohl (ex Nirvana, current Foo Fighters) plays live drums on many of the tracks on With Teeth.

    • The album PRETTY HATE MACHINE was NIN's first collabaration with producer Mark 'Flood' Ellis.

    • Trent was an early partner in the Industrial Rock Supergroup Pig Face. Due to legal troubles, NIN was prevented from recording under that name.

    • Trent was set to produce a track on Aaliyah's final album. Do to a scheduling conflict, this didn't occur.

    • Trent was involved in a feud with Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst in the late 90's. He called Durst a moron, and said that he could surf a piece of plywood up his ass.

    • Trent moved to Los Angeles in 2004, saying that he needed to get some friends that didn't drink.

    • Trent has John Lennon's mellotron, which he used on 'Broken', 'The Fragile', and Marilyn Manson's third full lenghth album AntiChrist SuperStar.

    • Trent moved to New Orleans in 1995, and built a studio out of a former funeral home.

    • During the making of Marilyn Manson's AntiChrist SuperStar Manson described Reznor as the brother he never had.

    • Buzz Ozbourn, aka King Buzzo, the afroed lead singer of The Melvins can be seen in the 'closer' video.

    • Trent's words on the quiet part of 'Closer':

      Above the forest, throughout the trees

      Within my stomach, scraped of my knees

      I drink the honey, inside your hive

      YOU are the reason, I stay alive...

    • David Bowie appears on 'The Art Of Self Destruction' at 4:31, repeating the line "Falls wanking to the floor".

    • There are NIN tracks heard in the movie The Fan starring Wesley Snipes and Whitney Houston, that are not listed on the soundtrack. They include a remix of 'Closer', and The Art Of Self Destruction I & II.

    • Trent can be heard saying "I am an innocent", on the track 'Mr. Self Destruct' from the Downward Spiral.

    • If played loud enough, you can hear the phrase "The best thing about knowing that you put it all together", in the first 20 seconds of 'A Warm Place'.

    • In the track 'Sanctified', during the instrumental preceding the final verse, you will hear a faint voice speaking. It is a sample of Oliver Stone's Midnight Express, one of Trents favorite movies.

    • Trent lent his vocal talents to a Tori Amos song called 'Past The Mission' off of her album Under The Pink. He provides the background vocals for the track.

    • Trent filmed a Public Service Announcent for PETA in 2006.

    • Trent's favorite album is Low, by David Bowie.

    • Reznor's favorite television show as a child was The Six Million Dollar Man.

    • Between the years of 1994 through 1999, Trent struggled with : depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, Writer's block, and the death of his grandmother.

    • Reznor appeared as a member of the fictional band The Problems in the 1986 movie titled Light Of Day.

    • Trent was voted Best in Drama in high school, for his role as Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man.

    • Trent played the role of Judas in his high school production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

    • Trent often experienced emotional rejection from girls, which can be heard through his lyrics.

    • Trent was a member of the high school jazz and marching bands.

    • NIN is named one of the top fifteen bands of the past twenty five years, by Rolling Stone Magazine.

    • NIN added The Perfect Drug to the Lost Highway soundtrack in 1997.

    • NIN added the track Burn to the Natural Born Killers soundtrack in 1994.

    • NIN released the source files for The Hand That Feeds, in Garageband format, to allow fans to remix it.

    • NIN's fifth major release With Teeth, was written and recorded following Reznor's battle with alcoholism, and drug abuse.

    • The NIN song Starf*ckers, Inc. is a parody of Trent's friend and protege, Marilyn Manson.

    • Trent sang a duet version of Hurt with David Bowie on tour in 1995.

    • The NIN's song Hurt would enjoy success again when it was covered by Johnny Cash, in 2003.

    • The NIN song Closer was remixed and used for the opening credits of the movie Se7en.

    • NIN's videos are known for their eerie images of pigs and S & M paraphernalia.

    • NIN's video for Closer was directed by Mark Romanek.

    • NIN won a Grammy for the song "Wish" in the Heavy Metal category.

    • NIN's second major release was "Broken" in 1992. It was a CD of six tracks, plus two bonus songs, both of whose tone did did not match the rest of the album. The disk also contains 91 blank, one-second-long tracks. The album itself was recorded over the course of five months, secretly hidden from the disapproval of NIN's record label, TVT.

    • Trent thanks British horror/fantasy writer Clive Barker, for inspiration on Pretty Hate Machine.

    • "PrettyHateMachine" went triple platinum.

    • NIN's debut album was "PrettyHateMachine", released in 1989.

    • Trent numbers each release, regardless of format, every release from albums to singles, is an equally-important part of their music catalog.

    • NIN'S songs cover a range of genres. "The Perfect Drug" has the drum and bass flavor. "The Frail" is a melancholy piano piece, and "Pretty Hate Machine" is dark electronic pop in the style of Depeche Mode.

    • NIN is considered "Industrial Rock".

    • The only constant member of NIN is: singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, Trent Reznor.

    • NIN donated a portion of their ticket sales from the Spiral tour, to various charities.

    • NIN once conducted an online ticket auction through TicketMaster to give all fans the opportunity to buy premium seats, without having to go through a scalper.

    • NIN auctioned autographed guitars on Ebay to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief and rebuilding efforts.

    • As of July 2005, there are 20 Nine Inch Nails music videos.

    • Nine Inch Nails produced the background music for the video game "Quake".

    • Down In It is the first song Trent Reznor ever wrote. It can be found on 1989's Halo Two "Pretty Hate Machine".

    • The Broken Movie is a grotesque film shot by Coil's Peter Christopherson and NIN's Trent Reznor. The movie features a man being kidnapped and tortured, while also being forced to watch Nine Inch Nails music videos. It ends with the kidnapper convicted of murder, and hung by the authorities. The film is just under 20 minutes, and features actor Robert Patrick as the cop. Robert is most famous for his role of T-1000 in Terminator 2, or John Doggett of The X-Files. Robert was cast because of his brother, former NIN guitarist Richard Patrick. The universally-banned Happiness In Slavery video is included, which features performance artist Bob Flanagen strapping himself into a machine which tortures, kills, and dissassembles him. The Broken Movie was made to help promote 1992's Halo Five "Broken" EP. The music videos shown are Pinion, Wish, Happiness in Slavery, and Gave Up. Trent gave out two VHS copies of the film to his friends and associates; the good version includes the music video Help Me I'm In Hell. Three of the album's songs aren't featured as videos; Last, Physcial, and Suck.

    • During the course of their 18-year career, Nine Inch Nails have only produced four proper, full-length albums:
      -1989's Halo Two "Pretty Hate Machine"
      -1994's Halo Eight "The Downward Spiral"
      -1999's Halo Fourteen "The Fragile"
      -2005's Halo Nineteen "With Teeth".
      There is about five years between each major release.

    • The Nine Inch Nails logo was inspired by the album cover for "Remain in Light", by Talking Heads. The 'A's in TALKING HEADS were inverted, which inspired the reversed N for NIN.

    • Trent shot the music video for Gave Up in Charles Manson's former home. The video itself features a young, relatively unknown Marilyn Manson. Trent also recorded "The Downward Spiral" album in Charles' home, before it was demolished. Trent still owns the door to the abode.

    • Fellow Interscope musician Dr. Dre helped Trent by giving mixing assistance to the song Even Deeper, found on the left disc of "The Fragile" album.

    • The television show Millennium has featured music from Nine Inch Nails: In Pilot, Head Like A Hole and Piggy.

    • The television show CSI has featured music from Nine Inch Nails:
      In Abra Cadaver, Just Like You Imagined and The Mark Has Been Made.
      In Lady Heather's Box, Closer.
      In Pirates of The Third Reich Slipping Away.

    • The lead singer of Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor, whose name on his birth certificate is 'Michael Trent Reznor'. Trent was called by his middle name, so as to avoid confusion with Michael Reznor Sr., his father.

  • Quotes

    • Trent: I don't know if you've ever tried to think of band names, but usually you think you have a great one and you look at it the next day and think it's stupid.

    • Trent: NIN lasted the two week test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily.

    • Trent: The name of the group doesn't really have any literal meaning. It just seemed kind of manly.

    • Trent: My life experience came from watching movies, television, and reading books.

    • Trent: I'm interested in using the computer as a creative tool, as a recording tool, and as a musical tool.

    • Trent: Just because you can buy a box of software now for a hundred bucks that can make a great sounding album, that doesn't mean you're going to make a great record. What matters are the songs.

    • Trent: It's like beating your head open and unzipping your chest cavity saying, 'Here are my guts - Everything I've felt, including a lot of stuff I'm not proud of.' It's hard, it uses you up. I walk off stage sometimes feeling like I just slept with everyone in the audience.

    • Trent: An integral part of any relationship, is knowing that you can be killed in your sleep at any time.

    • Trent: There are just some things that don't seem very fair in this world, like the hipocrisy of organized religion. I just don't understand how people can blindly believe a bunch of the lies they're fed,so that they don't have to think too hard about other issues, 'Be A good boy, and you'll go to Heaven'...If it works for you, fine. But it doesn't work for me.

    • Trent: (on George W. Bush) Apparently, the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me.