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    • The Broken Movie is a grotesque film shot by Coil's Peter Christopherson and NIN's Trent Reznor. The movie features a man being kidnapped and tortured, while also being forced to watch Nine Inch Nails music videos. It ends with the kidnapper convicted of murder, and hung by the authorities. The film is just under 20 minutes, and features actor Robert Patrick as the cop. Robert is most famous for his role of T-1000 in Terminator 2, or John Doggett of The X-Files. Robert was cast because of his brother, former NIN guitarist Richard Patrick. The universally-banned Happiness In Slavery video is included, which features performance artist Bob Flanagen strapping himself into a machine which tortures, kills, and dissassembles him. The Broken Movie was made to help promote 1992's Halo Five "Broken" EP. The music videos shown are Pinion, Wish, Happiness in Slavery, and Gave Up. Trent gave out two VHS copies of the film to his friends and associates; the good version includes the music video Help Me I'm In Hell. Three of the album's songs aren't featured as videos; Last, Physcial, and Suck.