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    Nirvana is my all-time favorite band and nothing can change that. I listened to Nirvana since I was born(young mom) and still listen to them. Kurt Cobain as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist was just perfect. His singing was good, very fitting for grunge, and when he wanted to he could sing with a good voice as proven in "Do Re Mi". Dave Grohl was an excellent drummer. I really liked his drumming in "Breed" I mean, that guy can really rock. And his back up vocals were really good as well. Krist Novoselic was a decent bass guitarist and him, along with the rest of the band, were compatible. My favorite songs byy Nirvana are, 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit 2. Do Re Mi 3. Lithium 4.Breed 5. On A Plain. All were perfect and I liked there other songs a lot. Nirvana was THE band of the 90's. They definately made their spot in history.