No Doubt





11/1/1986 , Anaheim, California

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No Doubt is a ska punk band whose music is heavily based on various genres including ska, punk, and new wave. The band was formed by Eric Stefani in Anaheim, California in November of 1986 with his friend John Spence. Eric's younger sister, Gwen, joined the band as a co-vocalist. The band played their first gig on New Year's Eve of 1986. They began playing small gigs around the Orange County area. Tony Kanal went to one of the early shows and soon joined the band as the bassist. Gwen became lead vocalist when John committed suicide in 1987. They were able to continue on and build popularity, mainly in their home state of California. Between 1988 and 1989, two new members were added to the band: Tom Dumont, who plays guitar and Adrian Young, who plays the drums.

In 1991, No Doubt landed a recording contract to Interscope Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1992. It was a complete failure and Interscope Records refused to finance a second album. The recording for their second album, "The Beacon Street Collection", was funded by the band themselves. When it was released, it gained them some new fans and Interscope Records began to renew the faith it had lost. In 1994, No Doubt faced another setback when Eric left the band to join in animation on The Simpsons. After Eric left the band, they went back to work, recording their third album, "Tragic Kingdom." The release of the 1995 album and the hit songs Don't Speak, Just A Girl, and Spiderwebs sent the band to mainstream success. "Tragic Kingdom" went on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide. No Doubt was nominated for two Grammys, "Best New Artist" and "Best Rock Album," at the 1997 Award show but didn't win any. They went on to be nominated for "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group", both for Don't Speak but lost those as well. The band released "Return of Saturn" in 2000 but it failed to meet the success that "Tragic Kingdom" reached. The album contained a darker tone and more advanced lyrics than previous work. With the release of the 2001 album "Rock Steady", they were able to reach mainstream success once again and produced two Grammy award winning singles: Hey Baby and Underneath It All. Both singles made it to the Billboard Top 100.

In 2003, the band released "The Singles: 1992–2003." It includes a cover song of It's My Life by 1980's band Talk Talk. This earned No Doubt a Grammy nomination for "Pop Performance by a Duo or Group," which they won. The band took a break for a while and Gwen started a very successful solo career, including Grammy nominations for her debut album "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." released on November 22, 2004. She got married to Gavin Rossdale and, in May 2006, had their first child. In early 2005, Tom released his own solo project, "Invincible Overlord", with friend and collaborator, Ted Matson. The band is currently recording new songs for a new album, planning to be released sometime in 2008.