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  • Great band.

    Love them.
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    They're phenomenal! ska is my favorite music, and gwen is my favorite ska singer! what could be better?
  • No Doubt: The ska punk band whose existence has been for over 20 years... and they're still on top.

    I became interested in No Doubt when I was 13 years old (2003). The first album I bought off them was "The Singles: 1992-2003". When I heard the first song off it (Just a Girl), I became addicted to their music. I heard the rest of the album and I just loved it. That was the only album I listened to for the whole year. Before No Doubt, I listened to old songs, mostly The Beatles. After I discovered No Doubt, I started to love modern rock songs. But, of course, No Doubt still remains my number one favorite band. Three years later, I'm still a huge fan, waiting for their next album to be released. I own "No Doubt", "The Beacon Street Collection", "Tragic Kingdom", "Return of Saturn", "Rock Steady", "The Singles: 1992-2003", "Everything in Time", "Boom Box", "The Videos: 1992-2003" and "Rock Steady Live". I just love them!