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    • No Doubt played the main stage of the Warped Tour in 1995.

    • The Beacon Street Collection was named after the house on the street in Anaheim, California where some of the members lived, and the garage studio where many of the tracks were recorded.

    • No Doubt's first "official" gig was at Fender's Ballroom in Long Beach, California. Before that, they did more party performances.

    • The band was named "No Doubt" because it was John Spence's favorite expression.

    • No Doubt's 1995 album Tragic Kingdom was the band's first, and only, album to reach the top spot on the U.S. charts.

    • The band's first album didn't have success because of the popularity of the grunge sound of the early 1990s.

    • Don't Speak spent sixteen weeks in the number one spot on the "Billboard Hot 100 Airplay" chart.

    • No Doubt covered Donna Summer's song Love to Love You Baby for the 2001 movie Zoolander.

    • The Pussycat Dolls appeared in No Doubt's video for Bathwater, while they were still a burlesque troupe.

    • The band members worked at a local Dairy Queen to earn extra cash before they became famous.

    • "Daria Blue" is one of Gwen's nicknames, which she used to check into hotels.

    • ND vocalist Gwen Stefani's first child, born on May 26, 2005, was a baby boy named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. She delivered it by a C-section.

    • Tony became No Doubt's unofficial manager starting in the summer of 1987.

    • Trapped in a Box is based on a poem Tom wrote about being addicted to television.

    • Tom and Eric were like teachers for the rest of the band. When Eric left, it was Tom who took responsibility for the writing and composing of songs.

    • Tom used to be in the rock metal band Rising. A week after he left them, No Doubt spotted and became interested in him.

    • Tom received his first guitar from his father when he was 12.

    • Adrian is sometimes a fill in drummer for The Vandals.

    • After No Doubt formed in 1987, Adrian became a huge fan. In 1989, he auditioned to become their new drummer. At the audition, he lied saying that he had been playing for six years.

    • Adrian started playing the drums in 1987, the same year No Doubt formed.

    • There are two versions of the Spiderwebs music video. MTV thought that the exploding telephones was inappropriate for younger viewers so they added more footage of the band.

    • On "The Beacon Street Collection", the man with the bird feeding from his mouth is actually Gwen's grandfather.

    • Gwen Stefani temporarily left the band to begin a solo career, which has become very successful.

    • $5,000 from the band's own money, was spent on the Trapped in a Box music video. They wanted MTV to air it but it never did after disappointing sales of their debut album.

    • Hella Good was a "summertime anthem" in 2002 and opened every show on that fall's Rock Steady Tour.

    • Bathwater was written in only ten minutes.

    • Eric Stefani has appeared on the Trapped in a Box and Sunday Morning music videos.

    • On the Just a Girl music video, Gwen's shirt is actually made from boys' underwear.

    • Gwen Stefani's grandfather has appeared in the Trapped in a Box and Sunday Morning music videos.

    • Out of the three original band members, Gwen Stefani is the only one who's still in the band. John Spence committed suicide on December 21, 1987 and Eric Stefani left in 1994 to join in animation on The Simpsons.

    • Simple Kind of Life is No Doubt's only song written entirely by Gwen Stefani.

    • Gwen Stefani and Adrian Young used to have crushes on each other.

    • Don't Speak originally was a sweet love song. When Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal broke up, she became depressed and now, as a result, the final version of the song has a darker mood.

    • The It's My Life music video was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

    • They sold over 15 million copies of their breakthrough album "Tragic Kingdom."

    • No Doubt: Gwen Stefani- Vocals; Tony Kanal- Bass; Tom Dumont- Guitar; Adrian Young- Drums... Albums: No Doubt (March 17, 1992); The Beacon Street Collection (March, 1995); Tragic Kingdom (October 10, 1995); Return of Saturn (April 11, 2000); Rock Steady (December 11, 2001); The Singles 1992-2003 (November 25, 2003); Everything in Time (October 12, 2004)

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