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    • Noah: (on his "Damages" co-star) If Ted Danson wanted to go to a bar a sing show tunes, I would do it with him. Whatever that guy wanted to do with me, I would do it.

    • Noah: My teachers would always ask my parents if there was something wrong with me because I would never talk... I found when I had a script in my hand I could speak. Discovering characters and on stage relationships helps me discover who I was and what my part in the world was.

    • Noah: (on his first acting experience) I realized acting wasn't just about applause and approval, there was a way to make a real connection and share an experience.

    • Noah: I love shooting in New York. I think the best thing about shooting in New York is we shoot on location, so we get to shoot all over the city in these great places and that's the best.

    • Noah: (on "Damages" and its pilot season) I love the show. It's a blast to be shooting this thing. It's a thrill ride to watch and it's just as exciting to be making it, be involved in it. I'm excited for the season and I hope there's plenty more to come. Whether or not I'm a part of those seasons, we'll wait and see.

    • Noah: (on knowing about his character's death on "Damages") At first I was thrilled. I thought, 'This is great! I get one season on this great show.' Then once we started shooting I was like, 'Ugh damn it, this sucks. It's so great - it's just gotten better and better and better. It's a little bit of a bummer.'

    • Noah: I think the theatre is always a great training ground for television and for film because of the specificities that's required in theatre and really the ability to chart out a greater journey.

    • Noah: To work with great collaborators on challenging writing in television, film and on the stage is really what I would love to do for as long as I can.

    • Noah: I don't have any crazy quirks before a day of shooting. At least none that I'm aware of – you might ask my friends. I do always grab a New York Times and a cup of coffee around the corner. Then I just make sure I know my lines and show up on time. That's about it. Pretty boring.